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Countdown to Departure

If you look to the right >     >      >      >      >    >    >  > > > > > >>>>>>> You’ll notice I’ve put up a countdown clock till our departure. VERY astute followers will also notice that a few minutes ago it gained 23 hours? … Continue reading »

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Making Improvements

Before we departed last winter we installed some solar panels from SBM Solar. Unfortunately, due to a manufacturer defect, they started to break down after our first winter in the Bahamas. I contacted SBM when we returned to the USA, and they replaced them free of charge. Two replacement panels arrived in August, but were … Continue reading »

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Small Victories

Sabrina is currently in Indiana with her family, which leaves me here with Nermal in Maryland. I stayed behind to check the final few things off the “To-Do” list. Most importantly, I’m supposed to fix the heater, rebuild the heads, and swap out the new solar panels. Because I’m here, I’m also in charge of … Continue reading »

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We’ll be home for Christmas

It’s always a bad idea to pick a departure date. After telling everyone I talked to that we were just waiting for a minor part to arrive and then we’d be leaving tomorrow, that will not happen. See the minor part arrived for the heater, I installed it, and the heater still didn’t work. I … Continue reading »

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On the Road Again

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Once we returned to Bohemia Bay late on November 11th we had to immediately get to work on Monday the 12th. It was very warm out so we wanted to take advantage of the weather and start to get the boat cleaned up. The next day Sabrina flew … Continue reading »

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Back at Bo Bay

We arrived back at our home marina just before midnight on Sunday. Our passage took us from Onset, Massachusetts to the top of the Chesapeake Bay. It was 62 hours and we were glad when it ended. We must have taken on some bad fuel because I struggled against fuel filters for most of the … Continue reading »

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Even though we’re up north in Maine, we’ve still been monitoring tropical weather throughout this hurricane season. Earlier this fall, we detoured to Boston to allow Tropical Storm Leslie to clear out of the Northern Atlantic before we continued north to Maine. On Wednesday, one of the reasons we pulled into Boothbay Harbor was to … Continue reading »

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Closed for Business

After we left Rockland we spent one night in Tenants Harbor. From there we sailed out and around the island of Monhegan and south into Boothbay Harbor.  The winds were so light in the morning that I was able to mend a loose flap on the genoa while we ghosted along. We had a fantastic … Continue reading »

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So Long Penobscot

We woke early on Sunday to a one-sided conversation on the VHF about a lobster boat running aground just outside of Rockland (our destination that day.) Since we were up, we got underway early and listened to the progress on the VHF as the Coast Guard was dispatched to the scene.  After several days of … Continue reading »

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We have an internet connection here in Rockland and Brad was able to get up two posts about our travels here in the Penobscot Bay. Be sure to check out  our time in Searsport, and our voyages around Vinalhaven. But, he forgot the most important part, the adorable SEALS!  

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