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On the Road Again

Posted by on November 30, 2012

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Once we returned to Bohemia Bay late on November 11th we had to immediately get to work on Monday the 12th. It was very warm out so we wanted to take advantage of the weather and start to get the boat cleaned up. The next day Sabrina flew to Detroit to visit her family in Indiana while I stayed on the boat to accomplish a few more things before I drove out to visit her before Thanksgiving.

A couple of days after I dropped Sabrina at the airport, I awoke to a very chilly boat. It seems the diesel heater had stopped working. After troubleshooting a bunch of different things, I decided it was time to clean out and rebuild the heater. (Our Webasto had provided 5 years of continuous maintenance free service, so it was due.) Along with dealing with that, I also was trying to do everything outside that required fresh water. As it gets colder the marina will be shutting off the water soon (it may be off already) so I wanted to get as many things washed and rinsed as possible.

Once our new solar panels arrived on Tuesday the 20th, I packed up Nermal and myself and drove to Indiana on Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving with Sabrina’s family. Luckily the roads weren’t bad, although it would be nice if the food vendors on the Ohio Turnpike could schedule a few more workers on the busiest travel day of the year. I decided to go hungry rather than wait in the extremely long line.

After Thanksgiving we stopped by Detroit and then onto Ohio to visit my family. After a few days there we went back to Indiana to visit some more with Sabrina’s family (and gather up Nermal.) Today we’re headed for Maryland, hopefully the reverse cycle heater has been able to keep the boat warm while we’ve been gone.

We’ve been traveling a lot, but over our travels we did have a chance to find a new Christmas tree for the boat!

Over the hills and through the woods….

6 Responses to On the Road Again

  1. Tanya

    Are you sure the car could handle the weight and windage?

    • Brad

      I actually put the tree on top to guard against other trees trying to break the sunroof again! 🙂

  2. Janks

    Clever picture! Wishing you and Sabrina a very Merry Christmas and continued safe travels!

    • Brad

      Thank you! And a Merry Christmas to you too! Thought you’d like to know, I got my Christmas Ale fix when we were home for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping there’s still some on the shelves when I go home for Christmas, maybe I’ll even find it on tap?

  3. Janks

    You’ll always find Christmas Ale – if you look hard enough. We had it at McCarthy’s in Lakewood during March Madness a few years ago:) However, we were at GLBC the other day and THEY were out of it on tap. Luckily, the bar across the street had it still. We typically sit on some well after it’s outworn its welcome – come on over and we’ll share!

    • Brad

      When we return from the Bahamas I might have to place a few phone calls….

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