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Closed for Business

Posted by on October 26, 2012

After we left Rockland we spent one night in Tenants Harbor. From there we sailed out and around the island of Monhegan and south into Boothbay Harbor.  The winds were so light in the morning that I was able to mend a loose flap on the genoa while we ghosted along. We had a fantastic sail until the wind shifted a little bit more and we ran out of sea room and had to motor along the coast into Boothbay on Wednesday late afternoon.

Yesterday Sabrina and I walked around Boothbay Harbor to explore the town before Hurricane Sandy is forecast to arrive early next week. We figured that people might be boarding up their businesses to prepare for the storm, and we were right! About 50% of the businesses were closed, some saying that their last day of business was more than 3 weeks ago! I wonder how they knew the hurricane was going coming back then…?

I’m joking of course, the path of Hurricane Sandy didn’t encourage every boat to pull out of the water. And it didn’t encourage all the marinas to close. And it didn’t force half of the businesses to shut their doors. For some reason, people have decided that “the season” is over, and they’ll pick it back up in May 2013. I don’t know who decides when “the season” is, but we’ve had wonderful weather for the last couple of days. Highs in the upper 50’s, bright sunshine, and basically the place to ourselves.

We’ve taken the hint though, Sabrina dinghied in to explore Tenants Harbor and they had removed the public town dock, and all the businesses were closed. Some cool stuff we’d like to see in Boothbay was closed for the season, and for a brief minute I thought we wouldn’t be able to find diesel or freshwater in town before the storm arrives. (Luckily I found one marina still open.)

Just like the age old joke, the town of Boothbay is literally rolling up some of the sidewalks!  (A prominent section downtown was removed for maintenance.) We’re going to do some laundry, pick up some groceries, take on the aforementioned diesel and water, and then head south quickly after Sandy clears out. Luckily the storm has shifted direction, and Maine isn’t supposed to get the direct hit that was forecast yesterday.

On the bright side, things might be closed for the season, but Sabrina and I are getting really good at window shopping!

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