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We’ll be home for Christmas

Posted by on December 10, 2012

It’s always a bad idea to pick a departure date. After telling everyone I talked to that we were just waiting for a minor part to arrive and then we’d be leaving tomorrow, that will not happen.

See the minor part arrived for the heater, I installed it, and the heater still didn’t work. I spent a long weekend trouble shooting – I disassembled the heater, cleaned the heater, reassembled the heater, cleaned the fuel, siphoned the fuel, cleaned the fuel lines. Once it still didn’t work today I finally gave up and ordered a new burner assembly.

So, now we’re waiting on another heater part. Since departure will be delayed at least another week we’re going to hang out till after Christmas. This will make things easier, we were planning on traveling home for Christmas, so now we won’t have to find a marina to leave JV while we drive or fly back to visit family. So logistically, things get simpler.

Even though we now won’t be leaving till late December, if our heater is finally working we shouldn’t freeze!


After deciding that we were going to hang out till after Christmas, I looked ahead to our next probable departure date. The tide is right on December 27th and there’s a full moon. So, even though I said at the beginning of this post that I should never tell anyone our departure date, we’re heading south on December 27th!
(As long as the Bay isn’t frozen closed….)

4 Responses to We’ll be home for Christmas

  1. Linda Sellick

    It is just impossible to make plans isn`t it? We have run away from winter for a while and are living in a Myrtle Beach condo overlooking the Ocean, until the 1st of January. We wondered if we may see you one day sailing South!!
    It is interesting for us to visit the places we normally pass by on SV “Oneday” but this time, we have a car for transportation instead of a dingy!!

    Linda SV “Oneday”

    • Brad

      We’ll need to escape winter soon! And I’ll definitely send you an email if we will be passing Myrtle Beach before you leave. Visiting places by car is strange when you’re used to a dinghy. Stay warm if you head back north before we get south.

  2. Jess & Dave

    Hey guys!
    Is that JV all decked out in lights? Looks awesome! If there’s a prize offered to the best-decorated boat, based on the photo above, I’d say you’ve got a pretty decent shot at it. Hope you aren’t freezing!

    • Brad

      Good morning! Yes, that is JV in the photo, but I cheated – that photo is from a few years ago, we haven’t put up our lights for the last two years. Luckily we aren’t freezing (yet) and our new part for the heater should arrive Tuesday, hopefully that will fix everything. Happy Holidays!

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