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Small Victories

Posted by on December 17, 2012

Sabrina is currently in Indiana with her family, which leaves me here with Nermal in Maryland. I stayed behind to check the final few things off the “To-Do” list. Most importantly, I’m supposed to fix the heater, rebuild the heads, and swap out the new solar panels. Because I’m here, I’m also in charge of packing the refrigerator.

As I live the life of a bachelor, I’ve had a couple of set backs with the fridge. Last week Nermal’s food tipped over, spilling some incredibly fishy gravy all over the fridge. I cleaned that up, but then made the mistake of defrosting some meat in the fridge without a plate beneath it. This morning I cleaned that bloody mess up, grumbling under my breath the entire time.

Both messes required me to remove all of our half full condiment bottles from the bottom of the fridge and wipe them off. I figured there had to be a better way, and I think I’ve found it. With the help of a label maker, some stack-able Rubbermaid containers, some free time, and the impetus of cleaning the fridge twice to get me started, I’ve cleared a LOT of room.

Now the offending condiments no longer will rattle around while on passage or fall over while we’re underway. The ones we use most often, i.e. mustard, salad dressing, etc. remain in their original packaging.

This will give us much more room to pack the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables whenever we’re in port.

Now I have to buy more groceries to fill the open space that I made!

4 Responses to Small Victories

  1. Tanya

    Would you like the number to Apo’s? Any self respecting bachelor or bachelorette would have this number committed to memory!!

    Good on ya for turning a frustrating experience into an organizational moment!

    • Brad

      I have Apo’s programmed into my cell phone! 🙂
      I’ve actually been eating very well, I have to eat all the perishable food on the boat so we can replace it with new before we head out. But as Sabrina will attest, I’m a good cook, not a good dishwasher….

  2. Sabrina

    Wow! Pretty impressive! I guess we’ll just have to decide what to put the leftovers in now… 😉

    • Brad

      If we’re saving leftovers in the tiny containers, I should have just eaten another bite of dinner. 🙂 I picked up more containers yesterday, let’s see what else I can repackage?

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