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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Kalik Bookends

When we first arrived in the Bahamas at Green Turtle Cay, I had to take a deep breath and relax. I headed to the bar at the Green Turtle Club, ordered a Kalik Gold, and finally got a chance to look around and take in the surroundings. Almost exactly 5 months later, Sabrina and I … Continue reading »

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Happy Whit Monday…

…and a Happy Memorial Day to all of you in the States! Since we are celebrating Whit Monday, you can deduce that we are still in the Bahamas. Last week we knew the weather was uncertain. On Thursday storms swept through this area, bringing some 40 knot winds, and a water spout that swept through … Continue reading »

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Catching Up

With all of the excitement around our failing water pump, we didn’t get a chance to post about our last few days of vacation with my parents. So, as I sit here in Man of War harbor, after listening to the 6:30am Chris Parker “Marine Weather Center” forecast and confirming that our departure plans for … Continue reading »

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Blowin’ in the Wind

A lot of people think that true cruising will ‘…take you wherever the wind blows.’ Another way to think about it is that you’ll ‘…hide from the wind whenever it really blows,’ or for us on Wednesday, ‘…duck in wherever you can when your engine goes!’ On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Sabrina’s parents … Continue reading »

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Piece of Paradise?

The Hope Town lighthouse must have reminded us of the lighthouse at BBYH because today we did what we normally do when we’re at home on the Chesapeake – we worked on the boat! We’re getting ready to head north, and Brad’s had a list of a few things he needed to attend to on … Continue reading »

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A very special birthday present for Sabrina… Tropical Storm Alberto? Well we’re safe in Hope Town, don’t have to worry about Alberto in here. I just wonder if the boats we saw leaving Marsh Harbour last week and headed for NC or Norfolk made it to a safe landfall? Last night we went to dinner … Continue reading »

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It’s not like the crew of the Joint Venture needs another reason to celebrate, but this week we have several. We love having visitors, and Sabrina’s parents, Dennis and Jeannine, came aboard last Sunday and are staying till the 22nd. In addition to getting to spend time with family, yesterday (May 17th) was my birthday, … Continue reading »

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Where are we?

So a few weeks ago we were very excited because we were finally able to connect remotely. Since then…. Our wifi antenna gave out Our TV quit Our satellite phone stopped working And finally, our Spot satellite messenger died Other than the TV, none of those items were abused or used outside of the intended … Continue reading »

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Warderick Wells

There are a lot of trails here on Warderick Wells. The park headquarters is here and they maintain them very well (by Bahamas standards.) They blaze the trails with paint or rock cairns and then mark the intersections with signs pointing to the different attractions. Since we’re leaving the park tomorrow morning, we decided that maybe … Continue reading »

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