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Warderick Wells

Posted by on May 9, 2012

There are a lot of trails here on Warderick Wells. The park headquarters is here and they maintain them very well (by Bahamas standards.) They blaze the trails with paint or rock cairns and then mark the intersections with signs pointing to the different attractions. Since we’re leaving the park tomorrow morning, we decided that maybe we should just do ALL of the trails today?

We highly recommend seeing more of the island than the traditional “Boo Boo Hill” path, but we don’t recommend trying to do all the paths in one day.  We’re tired.

We took some water and headed out this morning before it got too hot. We started at “Boo Boo Hill” which is where a lot of cruisers carve their boat name into a piece of drift wood and then leave it on the top of the hill. I’m not entirely sure how this cruising tradition began since “Boo Boo Hill” got it’s name from a ship wreck on Warderick Wells from which there were no survivors. They say on moonlit nights you can still hear the ghosts singing hymns on the hill….

We walked along the Exuma Sound side of the island to “Pirate’s Lair” and very southern tip of the island. Along the way we gathered some trash into piles for Park pick-up and Sabrina found some sea glass. The Park is a “No-Take” reserve and while sea-glass might be considered trash, we felt that we shouldn’t take it. People put pretty shells on rocks for other to look at, so that’s we did with the sea-glass.

We arrived at “Pirate’s Lair” which was supposedly a pirate hangout. The anchorage is blocked from view and on shore there is a fresh water well and a nice stand of palms where the pirates would sleep. Throughout the hike we were lacking in water, and briefly (very briefly) we thought about refilling our water bottles before we headed north.

As we headed north we wound our way along paths and through the beaches. We passed an old plantation ruin and some very rocky terrain. The last of the water was enjoyed as we turned onto the final trail to lead us home. We got back hot and thirsty, but safe, and we enjoyed our whirlwind tour of the island.

Our internet is going to run out in 15 minutes, we’ll check in again in a few days. We drank some water, cooled off in the ocean, and now we’re heading back to check out some kayaks we saw at the Park HQ.

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