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Posted by on May 18, 2012

It’s not like the crew of the Joint Venture needs another reason to celebrate, but this week we have several. We love having visitors, and Sabrina’s parents, Dennis and Jeannine, came aboard last Sunday and are staying till the 22nd. In addition to getting to spend time with family, yesterday (May 17th) was my birthday, and May 19th is both Sabrina’s birthday and Dennis and Jeannine’s anniversary! We’ve dubbed today as Nermal’s birthday to round out our week. As they said in George Town, “Fun Can’t Done!”

Unfortunately, it’s been raining and overcast since we’ve made it back to the Abacos.  We haven’t had many chances to sail, snorkel, or walk along beaches, but we’re trying to find fun things to do out of the rain. Earlier this week we explored Marsh Harbour, then we sailed over to Man of War Cay, a place Sabrina and I missed on our first time to the Abacos. It’s a pretty little town with boat builders working in their shops right along the main street in town. Golf carts are the popular way to get around, and the streets are lined with benches, trees and nice landscaping. One night we even tried to figure out the rules to “Mexican Train Dominoes” as it rained.

After we departed Man of War we headed south to Lubbers Cay and anchored off the north side of Tilloo Cay, another place we missed the last time in the Abacos. For my birthday I wanted to go diving, or snorkeling, or spearfishing, or fishing… and it was raining. I settled for something else, a dinghy ride with Sabrina to check out the two restaurants on Lubbers Cay, “Cracker P’s” and “Lubbers’ Landing.” Cracker P’s wasn’t really our kind of place, but at Lubbers’ Landing I found something that made my birthday very special – draught beer!

I haven’t had a decent draught beer since we left the States. Literally the last draught beer I had was at Snappa’s in Marsh Harbour back in January, and it was stale and flat, so it has been over 5 months since I’ve enjoyed a beer on tap. The Kaliks at Lubbers’ Landing were cold, fresh, and served in a frosted mason jars. Sabrina and I enjoyed a couple under the overcast skies and talked with the owners before we returned to the boat to get ready for dinner and pick up Dennis and Jeannine.

Of course for dinner we headed back to Lubbers’ Landing. Their menu is very limited, but they pride themselves on good food from good ingredients. Three of us chose the “Island Burger,” a delicious patty made from ground ahi tuna with 14 herbs and spices served with fresh cut fries. For an appetizer we had the onion rings, and Jeannine ordered the Kalik battered fish and chips and salad.  The only thing on the menu we didn’t try was the grilled cheese. Everything was delicious, and served in a beautiful relaxed environment that we enjoyed.

Lubbers’ Landing is also an eco-resort with cottages for rent. After dinner we hung out with some of the vacationers at the resort and the owners, Austin and Amy.  We played the ring toss, and partied away the evening like old friends. When they learned it was my birthday, and then all the other things we were celebrating, we were treated to an impromptu version of “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Anniversary” while accompanied by Austin on banjo. One of the guests, Colleen, was tending bar like an old pro, while Amy worked on a beautiful mural she was painting under the bar.

When the evening ended, Sabrina and I realized that we’d found that one special place that we could recommend to friends – a laid back place, different, off the beaten path, with good people, good fun, and great food. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday, I only hope that we can find something as fun for Nermal’s birthday today!

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

8 Responses to Celebration!

  1. Heather

    You two have great tans! Glad you had a memorable birthday and Happy early Birthday to Sabrina! Lubber’s Landing looks like my kind of place.

    • Brad

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, and Lubber’s Landing is awesome, you and Steve would fit right in.

  2. Tanya

    Happy Birthday, Joint Venture!!!

    • Brad

      Thanks! Nermal wants a party with Marmalade and Dexter when he gets back.

  3. Chris

    Happy Birthday Brad and Sabrina! Happy Anniversary mom and dad!

    • Brad

      Thanks, I let everyone know, we had another celebration last night here in Hope Town.

  4. Brett

    Glad you all had great birthdays. I like the “ring for service” bell between you in you couple’s shot photo. I would need one of those too if I hadn’t been to a bar in a while. Looks like you are having a great time. Hope to see you soon.

    • Brad

      Brett, hope we can see you at HHI, but the weather is crazy. I’ll email you soon. -Brad

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