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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Tradewinds (?)

This has been the longest period of calm weather we’ve experienced since we arrived in the Bahamas. At times, it’s even beyond calm – dead still almost. Like smooth, glassy, wakeboarding water. On the open ocean. Pretty cool, but not good for sailing. We really haven’t had much wind since we arrived at Black Point, … Continue reading »

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Big Majors Spot

Last Friday we moved the boat 10 miles north to the anchorage off of Big Majors Spot. I don’t know how the island got that name, but apparently, this is the Spot for BIG boats! Saturday morning I heard an engine outside, so I looked out a port light to see what boat was coming … Continue reading »

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Ahhhh…. Breathe Deep

As we walked into town yesterday morning, we sensed something… different. We’ve never been to Black Point before, but the town seemed like it was in full Technicolor (or digitally remastered in HD if you prefer.) It was as if we’d landed in Oz! We couldn’t put a finger on what was different…?  The blues … Continue reading »

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Fun Can’t Done!

[The beer company Kalik’s slogan for the 2012 National Family Island Regatta was “Fun Can’t Done!”  I’m not entirely sure how they arrived at that, or exactly what it means, but I interpreted it to mean, ‘Keep the Party Going!’ and I support that message.]  National Family Island Regatta 2012?  Where to begin….? Thursday morning we … Continue reading »

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