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Piece of Paradise?

Posted by on May 20, 2012

The Hope Town lighthouse must have reminded us of the lighthouse at BBYH because today we did what we normally do when we’re at home on the Chesapeake – we worked on the boat!

We’re getting ready to head north, and Brad’s had a list of a few things he needed to attend to on the engine before we begin the voyage. With the unpredictable weather we’ve had lately, we decided it would be best to take advantage of the fact that we have a secure mooring in a protected harbor to work on the engine. So I took my parents in to downtown Hope Town to do some exploring on shore and then Brad and I crossed some things off the To-Do List:

  1. Cleaned the water filter
  2. Changed the raw water impellor
  3. Changed the engine zinc and cleaned the heat exchanger
  4. Changed both fuel filters
  5. Changed the air filter
  6. Changed the oil and oil filter
  7. Cleaned up the bilge
  8. And finally – took nice cold showers because it’s HOT!

Hopefully tonight and tomorrow Brad and I will be able to enjoy some time in Hope Town with my parents (we STILL haven’t been to the top of the lighthouse, and it’s been on our “to do” list from the beginning) before we head back to Marsh Harbour so my parents can catch their flight on Tuesday.

Ahhhh… like they say…Cruising: The art of fixing your boat in exotic places!

Nice Back Drop

2 Responses to Piece of Paradise?

  1. Jeannine

    We had a wonderful time. Sabrina and Brad made us feel right at home and made sure we got to experience so much of the beauty of the Abacos. We got to sail, snorkel, and swim. we didn’t mind the rain at all. Eating on the boat is an international treat – Mexican, Thai, and Indian all prepared in a galley that is about 3’X 4′ including the fridge , stove and counter space! Sabrina made her own taco shells and bread. Yummy. Brad navigated through the narrow channels. The sunsets were spectacular. Nermal never missed an opportunity to assist with navigation. Thanks for a week of celebrations. It was great being with you guys. Love ya, Mom and Dad

    • Sabrina

      Thanks so much for coming to visit and for the celebratory dinners! It was so great to have you and Dad here, even if the weather was not as cooperative as we would have liked. We are just glad the water pump held out til after you left! Love you, too!

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