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Monthly Archives: January 2012

The Abaco Parrot and the BNT

As I’ve previously mentioned, we returned to Marsh Harbour last Friday for a weekend event titled “Art for the Parks,” at the Abaco Beach Resort. This was an event that we had heard about for awhile, but debated whether or not to attend, and in the end, we were very glad that we did.  It … Continue reading »

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Hanging Around

A front is moving through the Bahamas over the first part of this week, so yesterday we tried to get an early start out of Marsh Harbour.  That didn’t work out so well, apparently none of the marinas open until 11:00 on Sunday, which we would have known if any business on the island actually … Continue reading »

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A few quick notes

Close followers of our Spot tracker will realize that we’re back in Marsh Harbour.  No, it is not because we like Marsh Harbour.  No, it is not because the boat broke down. No, it is not because we couldn’t stand the quiet serenity of Lynyard Cay…. We came back to Marsh Harbour for a festival … Continue reading »

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Yesterday was our 6th Anniversary, so we headed out of Marsh Harbour to enjoy some remote anchorages and had a nice sail to Tilloo Cay where we decided to spend the night. It was a gorgeous sail, we started only doing 2 knots in light breezes, but as the day progressed the wind picked up … Continue reading »

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How high can you climb?

After we enjoyed the festivities on Wednesday night, Thursday morning Sabrina had to climb the mast to finish hooking up our whisker pole lift line. (I had a messenger run, but it got stuck and we couldn’t free it.) It was a calm morning, and Sabrina was able to snap some photos while she was … Continue reading »

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How low can you go?

Located here at Marsh Harbour Marina, the Jib Room restaurant has an interesting operating schedule. They’re open from Wednesday till Sunday for lunch, and only open on Wednesday and Saturday night for dinner.  Every week they have “Rib Night” on Wednesday and “Steak Night” on Saturday, and it’s something that a lot of cruisers swear … Continue reading »

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Back to work

For those of you that didn’t witness the madness first hand, our last 3 months in Maryland were a whirlwind of activity.  I fully resigned from work on September 9th after cutting back to part-time on Memorial Day to work on the boat.  Sabrina’s last day of work was November 4th and we both worked … Continue reading »

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Marsh Harbour Marina

Sunday afternoon the winds picked up while we were watching football, we returned to the boat to find that two other boats had anchored close by.  They weren’t too close, they were just closer than all the other boats in the anchorage.  Everyone else had spread out and was evenly spaced, and then there were … Continue reading »

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NFL Sunday

It was a little cooler yesterday but today the sun is out and there’s a nice breeze blowing through Marsh Harbour.  We’re hanging out at Snappa’s Restaurant after watching the Raven’s game with our friends from Havre de Grace. It was a great time to catch up on our travels and our future plans. Yesterday … Continue reading »

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Reality Check

Just in case you were thinking that our lives were all “rum drink wishes and wahoo dreams…” Last night the power went out here in Marsh Harbour and Sabrina and I dinghied out to JV in murky darkness under cover of a clouded sky, guided to JV by our super-bright LED anchor light.  (It’s cool, … Continue reading »

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