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Marsh Harbour Marina

Posted by on January 17, 2012

Sunday afternoon the winds picked up while we were watching football, we returned to the boat to find that two other boats had anchored close by.  They weren’t too close, they were just closer than all the other boats in the anchorage.  Everyone else had spread out and was evenly spaced, and then there were the two boats nestled up to JV. Maybe they heard that we had the football games on and they thought they could pick up the signal? Regardless of the reason, we didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night when the wind shifted and put the three of us all in a row, I was worried about the boat in front dragging into us, and worried about dragging into the boat behind us.

To compound our problems we ran out of water late on Sunday, so after doing some things in town on Monday morning we decided to move over to the Marsh Harbour Marina, home of the Jib Room.  The dock master, Steven, is very nice and helpful (he also tends bar,) and they have great rates and a flat fee for water.  We’re staying two nights (atleast) because the price drops from $1.05/ft. for one night to $0.85/ft. for two nights, and water is only $15.00 and that covers your first 3 days of dockage.  So, those of you unsure of the math… our second night will only increase our bill by $25, well worth it to get the boat washed and some chores done.

On Sunday morning we had walked around Marsh Harbour to see the stores we needed to go to on Monday, and when we went back Monday it seemed like a completely different world.  Cars and people were everywhere, I didn’t realize this area held that much population! It was kind of unsettling to see security guards outside of many of the stores, and even more unsettling to see guards with bulletproof vests outside the banks we planned to visit…. We headed to the coin laundry in town to wash some clothes with the locals, and while Sabrina tended to that I walked around to the hardware stores price checking various items we need to purchase. I was distracted by the fishing lures at one large store, (40% off if you paid cash!) but I eventually made it back to help Sabrina get the laundry and dinghy back to the boat so we could then move over here to Marsh Harbour Marina.

Cruiser’s notes:  The coin laundry in town is the local’s place to do laundry. Most of the marinas charge $4 for a token to wash or dry, and they are small machines and you sometimes need to use the dryer two, or even three, times. The coin laundry has $2 washers, and $6 triple load washers, the dryers are commercial size and dry clothes quickly and cheaply.  It is well worth the walk if you have more than a load of laundry to do.  Also, the prices in the stores seem to drop as you get farther away from the marinas, I was able to pick up two fresh-baked muffins and two cups of coffee for $3.50 while we did laundry.

Today I’m taking advantage of the water at the dock to get the boat back in order after a few weeks of salt-water.  Sabrina is getting to work on some of her sewing projects and we’re doing some more shopping for parts in town. The weather isn’t too great right now, so we’re preparing to enjoy it when it turns back around.

4 Responses to Marsh Harbour Marina

  1. Candy

    Much better deal on the coffee and muffins! Sounds as if you are really getting intro the Bahama swing of things! enjoy and take care! Love you both! mom

    • Brad

      Glad to hear you made it home safe, hope you had fun in FL, and hope it doesn’t snow too much.

  2. Jeannine

    Happy Anniversary! Love ya

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