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NFL Sunday

Posted by on January 15, 2012

It was a little cooler yesterday but today the sun is out and there’s a nice breeze blowing through Marsh Harbour.  We’re hanging out at Snappa’s Restaurant after watching the Raven’s game with our friends from Havre de Grace. It was a great time to catch up on our travels and our future plans.

Yesterday I was able to pick up both NFL games using our Shakespeare 2025 digital TV Antenna. I think Marsh Harbour relays the Miami broadcasts for the locals here? Regardless, it was pretty cool to catch some news and the games, even though both teams I wanted to win ended up losing.

Tomorrow we’re pulling into a marina to do some laundry, fill our water tanks, fuel up and go to some stores in town. (Stores aren’t open on Sunday, and the hardware stores were already closed for the weekend when we stopped by on Friday afternoon.)  We have some items to get and then we’re going to visit some of the anchorages in the southern portion of the Sea of Abaco for a couple of weeks.  We want to get the bimini sewn, some jerry jug covers made, and I have some re-wiring to do on the engine blowers, (not to mention snorkeling, diving and fishing.) After we cross some items off the to-do list we’ll swing back to Marsh Harbour and then head south.

Yesterday morning I poured over all our charts, researching places we wanted to go and things we wanted to see. The plan for now is that we’re going to head south past the Tropic of Cancer but stay in the Bahamas. (Turks and Caicos looks a little too commercialized for us.) This area is known as the “Far Bahamas” and will provide us a chance to sail, fish, scuba, and help us prepare for our extended travels next winter. Nermal was especially helpful and would continuously lay down on the charts every time I opened to a new page.

The Navigator

Plans are very tough to make on a cruising sailboat, but for now there seem to be some really cool places in the “Far Bahamas.”  I’d like to see where Columbus landed, there is a huge nature preserve on Great Inagua, and the promise of excellent off-shore sailing and fishing.  Follow along to see where we end up!

4 Responses to NFL Sunday

  1. Madison wall

    Hi Sabrina and Brad! This is Madison I’m not sure f you would remember me but I was well my my mom was talking to papa zim and he said you made a website! So we looked on it. It’s really cool and and smart so everyone can see whtat you’ve done. I was so surprised to see that you brought your cat! How did it act when you caught the. Fish? Well have a great trip!


    • Sabrina

      Hi Madison! We are excited to hear from you! I saw that awesome picture of you para-sailing! That looked like a lot of fun.

      Thanks for checking out our site. Nermal is pretty entertaining on board. Fortunately, when Brad caught the fish, he had the cat shut down below, or who knows what would have happened! We do make extra for him when we cook it, and it turns out he’s quite a fan of fresh-caught fish! It’s at least as good Friskies 😉 Tell your mom and dad hi from us. Hope you keep checking out the blog!

      Sabrina and Brad

  2. Janka

    Ahoy and glad to see that you and Sabrina are sailing safely and having a good time!

    • Brad

      Ahoy! We’re having a blast, and we can’t wait to keep heading south to parts unknown.

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