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How low can you go?

Posted by on January 20, 2012

Located here at Marsh Harbour Marina, the Jib Room restaurant has an interesting operating schedule. They’re open from Wednesday till Sunday for lunch, and only open on Wednesday and Saturday night for dinner.  Every week they have “Rib Night” on Wednesday and “Steak Night” on Saturday, and it’s something that a lot of cruisers swear you have to experience. Unfortunately, the price is $25 a plate, and Sabrina and I thought that “Steak Night” sounded better than “Rib Night” so we didn’t attend on Wednesday night. ($25 is a great price for the islands, but still a little more than we wanted to pay when we had food on the boat.) If we’re around some Saturday night we’ll swing up and experience “Steak Night” and provide a full report.

After a long day of waxing and sewing on Wednesday we enjoyed dinner on the boat and then decided to head up to the Jib Room for a drink and to see the limbo contest.  We were very glad we went! It wasn’t really a “contest” so much as a one man exhibition, and the gentleman was quite the showman. He was a few inches over 6′ tall and looked to be somewhere in his 30’s, he messed around for awhile before we got the camera, doing the limbo while holding onlookers and warming up for before he moved into his act.

Warming Up

Setting the stage

After a few rounds of limbo, the performer lowered the bar to a little over a foot off the floor, lower than the picture above.  Needless to say, he was the only one to attempt it.  He seemed to more walk on his ankles as he shimmied under the bar.

Almost There

Way Back

Once the applause ended he started to soak the bar with lighter fluid to the amazement of the audience.

Element of Danger

Light Up

While he crossed under the bar, extremely close to the flames and very close to lighting his beard on fire, he stopped to light his cigarette.  When he came out the other side, the applause was tremendous, he bowed deeply and motioned to his tip jar which by this time was almost full.

It was a fun evening, we experienced a great show at a fun restaurant on the other side of Marsh Harbour from all the craziness of town.  The Marsh Harbour Marina is a great place and we highly recommend it to people looking for someplace to stay in Marsh Harbour.

2 Responses to How low can you go?

  1. Candy

    Sounds like we didn’t know what we were missing at the Jib Room! Marin loves her ‘rhino’ and carried it everywhere the day we delivered it. Ron had a tough time convincing her to put it down for dinner and bed! Hope you have a great anniversary tomorrow!

    • Brad

      Jib Room has been fun, glad to hear that Marin likes the rhino, we’re going to go try to find lobster for our anniversary, we’ll see where the wind blows us.

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