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Back to work

Posted by on January 18, 2012

For those of you that didn’t witness the madness first hand, our last 3 months in Maryland were a whirlwind of activity.  I fully resigned from work on September 9th after cutting back to part-time on Memorial Day to work on the boat.  Sabrina’s last day of work was November 4th and we both worked like crazy right up till our departure on December 13th, then we sailed like crazy to get down to the Bahamas on Christmas Day.  I think we both missed our office jobs as we did hard labor for long hours right up till we departed.

Throughout this whole preparation time we put aside “Abacos Projects” that were things that could wait till we arrived in the Bahamas and enjoyed some sunshine and warmth. Now that we’ve waved goodbye to our visitors, it’s time to make the to-do list shorter, and not longer, for a change.  The Abacos and Marsh Harbour is a great place to get these things done since we have access to hardware, parts, water, and fuel. Once we have the list under control, it’s time to venture south to the remote islands where we may not have ready access to these things.

So yesterday I broke out my old friend, the Dewalt Power Buffer, to compound some stains off the transom and erase the dirt and grime from the first 1,200 miles of our voyage.  I cleaned off the few spots we had on the hull from the dinghy while bar jacks swam around my toes. While I was busy with that, Sabrina waxed the stainless steel to remove the salt and rust stains, and today Sabrina will get re-acquainted with her old friend, the sewing machine. We were also able to fill our propane tank in town and this morning Sabrina ran into the grocery to get some things for breakfast.

No photos now, but I’ll post some photos of the glistening hull once we finish cleaning her up.

2 Responses to Back to work

  1. Brandon

    I am enjoying reading your updates while you are in places that have internet access. Keep up the great job and enjoy some of that sunshine for me!


    • Brad

      Thanks for following along, hope you stay warm up there, spring will be here soon!

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