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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Rest & Relaxation (& Rain)

Sabrina and I returned Tuesday from a long weekend in the Adirondacks with my mom’s two sisters and their families.  It was a great time and I love the Adirondacks for the rest and relaxation. It’s nice in the mountains because it’s always cool this time of year and the water is clear.  The one thing that we … Continue reading »

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New and Improved!

As I originally promised, there will be new features added to this blog as I learn more about WordPress. Today’s cool new feature is aVisitor Map. It’s a worldwide map, and it places a dot at your approximate location when you stop by the website, so check it out via that hyperlink.  (There’s also a … Continue reading »

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Happy first day of summer! When I was growing up I always hated those Country Time Lemonade ads. It was the commercial with the voiceover that lamented, ‘Summer is a short 90 days… enjoy Country Time Lemonade before summer is gone.’  It seemed I always saw that commercial near the first day of summer, when school had just ended … Continue reading »

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What does the future hold?

We talk with people all the time (either in person, or online) who are either cruising, or preparing to cruise in the next couple years. It seems that everyone has an opinion on what is “required equipment.” But who can really say that this exact piece of equipment is required for US? One great thing … Continue reading »

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When there is SO MUCH to do, it’s tough to figure out WHAT to do…. I’m a highly structured individual, if I have a project, I have a “To Do” list (in chronological order, naturally.)  The problem with a massive undertaking, like getting the boat ready to cruise, is that I could spend the whole … Continue reading »

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Heading South (via Spot Adventures)

Here is that same route as shown on the “Spot Adventure” site: Tir Na Nog – Headed South Share your Adventures with SpotAdventures So please tell me the pros and cons of these formats in the comments, (and which you prefer for our future routes.)

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Heading South (via Google Maps)

My goal is to create tracks to illustrate interesting legs of our trip from time to time.  I want to be able to easily show our track, maybe some interesting pictures along the way, and the time of day that these interesting things happened.  (So you can see when we sailed through the night, where … Continue reading »

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Sew, what?

I have about a dozen sewing projects I hope to accomplish before our departure date. One thing on the agenda for today is determining which fabric to use to recover the seat cushions in our salon. Lots of factors to consider here: aesthetics of course, stain-resistance, “workability” (Martha Stewart, I’m not), and now with the … Continue reading »

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I was surprised earlier today when I checked the weather – 100 degrees, high humidity, and a ridiculous heat index, but NO thunderstorms for today, (they weren’t supposed to move in till tomorrow.) If I’ve learned anything about the weather while living at the top of the Bay, it’s that when it’s hot and humid … Continue reading »

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Playing around with features!

So I just learned how to embed YouTube links into WordPress.  Needless to say, I wish everything was this easy.  (And in the future, before I try numerous ways to do things on my own, I’ll just search the forums and the help site, that should save me hours of frustration.) Anyhow, using my … Continue reading »

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