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Rest & Relaxation (& Rain)

Posted by on June 30, 2011

Sabrina and I returned Tuesday from a long weekend in the Adirondacks with my mom’s two sisters and their families.  It was a great time and I love the Adirondacks for the rest and relaxation. It’s nice in the mountains because it’s always cool this time of year and the water is clear.  The one thing that we didn’t love was the fact that it rained off and on from Friday till Sunday night. 

Luckily, Monday was absolutely beautiful and we took that opportunity to get out of camp.  We hiked up to a fire tower on “Bald Mountain,” visited some old growth trees at “Cathedral Pines,” and walked down a floating trail at “Ferd’s Bog.” (Unfortunately, I forgot to clear some pictures off of our camera, and our SD Card was full. Luckily my aunt and uncle took a ton of pictures, I’ll post more when we get them.)

Here’s photos of the pines and some from Bald Mountain overlooking the Fulton Chain of Lakes:

The weekend was also a great time to dust off the old Sunfish sailboat that was stuck in a building at the camp.  I was able to pass on some sailing knowledge to my cousins and I was very happy to watch one of my cousins sailing around the lake solo after a few quick lessons!  (Not to mention it was a blast for me to get out and sail something so simple and carefree.)

The trip was bittersweet because we know that we are leaving this fall and next summer we won’t be able to do things like this. Not only was the weekend a time to have fun with family from Michigan and Las Vegas, but it was our time to start saying our goodbyes. I keep telling everyone, you’re not losing a cousin/nephew in Maryland, you’re gaining one in the Caribbean!  Hopefully we’ll have visitors while we are out exploring.

It was nice to get away from everything for a few days, no “To-Do” lists, no phone service, and no TV.  We had a great time visiting with family and hearing about what is happening in their lives. But now we’re back in Maryland, it’s hot, it’s humid and there is work to be done.  After all, there’s only 123 days left to go….

6 Responses to Rest & Relaxation (& Rain)

  1. Janka

    I’m enjoying the updates, but I think I missed something…

    Are you ‘moving’ to the Caribbean?

    • Brad

      In a sense we’re “moving” as in, “moving the boat to the Caribbean with us onboard.” But we’re not “moving from the sailboat to a house in the Caribbean,” or “moving permanently outside of the county,” if that’s what you mean? Maybe a better statement would have been, ‘you’re not losing a nephew/cousin in Maryland, you’re gaining a voyaging nephew/cousin that can be found over the next 18-24 months somewhere along the East Coast from the Caribbean to Maine, likely outside of hurricane territory.’ But that doesn’t really flow off the tongue…..
      Did I answer the question?

  2. Tux

    I just found your blog, and am excited to see you guys are in a countdown stage to departure. My own lifestyle change is too far away to start one of those yet. But I’ll live vicariously through you guys 🙂

    Good luck to you !

    • Brad

      Thanks for following along! Things should get more exciting soon when we start installing our new cruising gear and planning where we’re going.

  3. Janka

    Sailing down to the Caribbean then coming back within the next 18-24 months? Staying down there indefinitely? Quitting jobs? Working remotely from the boat? So many questions…

    Trying to figure out how to time a visit…;) We really enjoyed ourselves on the honeymoon down there and hope to go again sooner rather than later. I’m sure you saw during out updates that our friend, Captain Mike, lives in St. Thomas and runs sail excursions. Doing something similar is allegedly in our ‘after the kids graduate’ plan.

    I think it’s fantastic that you have the opportunity and means to do this. Looking forward to following along.

    • Brad

      We’re calling it a “sabbatical,” there will be no work (unless we don’t really view it as work.) Follow along, if only so you can pick out a place to visit! The Bahamas are nice in February…. When (if) we get close to St. Thomas I’ll need to get Captain Mike’s info, I’d like to talk to him and see his company.

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