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Posted by on June 15, 2011

When there is SO MUCH to do, it’s tough to figure out WHAT to do….

I’m a highly structured individual, if I have a project, I have a “To Do” list (in chronological order, naturally.)  The problem with a massive undertaking, like getting the boat ready to cruise, is that I could spend the whole time before departure on writing and rewriting “To Do” lists!  So, I’m trying something new, I’ve made a “Priority” list.  If it’s raining, there’s a priority, if it’s sunny, there’s a priority.  If my first priority is stymied because I need parts/tools/5200 silicone sealant/or I just dropped something in the water, then I move onto the next priority.  Yes, it’s kind of a “To Do” list, but I’m not mapping every step and spelling out the entire process like I normally do.  For instance, today’s “Priority” is cleaning out our storage unit.  I don’t know exactly what I’ll do there, or how I’ll do it, but I guarantee there will be more order and less chaos when I leave it today.  And maybe I’ll pick-up a dinghy or two and an outboard to rebuild? Which just so happens to be the second priority….

With only -checks countdown clock- 138 DAYS LEFT TO GO, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!  AHHHHH!!!!!

Okay, let me try that again, I’ll pull myself together:

With only 138 days left before we depart, it’s very important to start removing things off the priority list. With big things like, “Engine, Watermaker, Safety Equipment, Solar Panels, etc.” populating the priority list, when one gets removed, it’s a big milestone on our journey preparation.

So, I took the day off work, it’s gorgeous outside, and the storage facility will receive my full attention.

Right after I finish this cup of coffee and stop freaking out that there are only 138 days left…..


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