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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Heat Wave!

So what do you do when you live on a boat and there’s a heat wave coming? You clean the A/C filters of sediment and make sure things keep as cool as possible. Like most boaters, we have what is called a “reverse cycle” air conditioning system, which can heat or cool the boat.  Raw … Continue reading »

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Working on a boat (just not the sailboat)

With only 146 days to go until we depart, I’m VERY busy working on the sailboat, but tonight I had to do some work on our other boat, a 2000 Ski Centurion, which we’re selling.  (“Had to” may not be the best term, it was gorgeous tonight, and I really WANTED to go wakeboarding.) So, I … Continue reading »

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Some photos to get things started

My goal is to provide a bunch of photos, mainly because I don’t like to write. I’m still getting used to WordPress, but finally a “Gallery” appears:

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It’s a work in progress….

It’s our first blog, we’re still figuring things out.  Stop back often, things should get cooler soon.

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