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Posted by on June 21, 2011

Happy first day of summer!

When I was growing up I always hated those Country Time Lemonade ads. It was the commercial with the voiceover that lamented, ‘Summer is a short 90 days… enjoy Country Time Lemonade before summer is gone.’  It seemed I always saw that commercial near the first day of summer, when school had just ended and things were just starting to get fun.  Summer was full of promise, there were fish to be caught, games to be played, fireflies to catch, camping trips with the Boy Scouts, etc. But no sooner had it started and Country Time was there to tell me that it was going to END!  It’s like that guy that tells you on the summer solstice that the days are only going to get shorter from here….

A few years ago, I found out that sailors were celebrating summer by participating in the “Summer Sailstice.”  It’s a cool idea, and a couple of times we’ve unofficially participated as we sailed along on the specified weekend.  Sunday night about 10-12 sailboats pulled into the marina, and I saw several more anchored out on the Bohemia River.  I came to find out that they were participating in the Sailstice DelMarVa Rally 2011.  (For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the peninsula formed by portions of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia is referred to as the DelMarVa Peninsula.  You can circumnavigate the north edge through the C&D Canal, south through Delaware Bay, along the coast in the Atlantic Ocean, and back north in the Chesapeake Bay.  Our marina is a short sail from the mouth of the Canal, making it a great staging point for boats making the journey.)  

For a brief moment, I wanted to jump on our boat and sail away with them. Then reality set it and I remembered that our boat is in the middle of several separate projects and we weren’t leaving the dock.  That thought really made me realize that this summer we’ll have to pass on a lot of fun weekends of sailing, grilling out with friends, and enjoying lemonade by the pool.  Like the commercials from my youth stated, summer will be over before I realize it. Our countdown clock tells me that there are only 132 days left till we leave and I must stay focused on the task at hand.

After all, I’m burning daylight, the days are only going to get shorter from here.

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