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Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Interwebs

(Special thank you to for the above pic which has been slightly edited to reinforce my point.) Recently I’ve expanded our online presence, we have this shiny new blog, new email addresses, a domain name, and I’m trying to sell everything we don’t need on eBay or Craigslist.  One thing is a constant throughout all these … Continue reading »

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“3 Months” sounds better than “98 Days”

“99 days left till we leave on our cruise, 99 days left to go! No time to be lazy, try not to go crazy, 98 days left till we leave on our cruise!”                  (Yes, I realize I might be leaning towards the crazy side….) The days keep slipping away, I try to maximize what gets … Continue reading »

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Time Marches On

Our countdown clock doesn’t care that the heat index is 105° and that the Weather Channel strongly suggests that I stay inside. With only double-digit days remaining, it’s time to start checking items fully off the list.  I have a lot of projects that are halfway there, the goal is to get them fully to … Continue reading »

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Hot! Hot! Hot!!

Just like a majority of the country, Maryland is in the midst of a heat wave. Buster Poindexter said it best: While trying to keep cool, I’ve noticed something:  The hotter it gets, the more our companionway slider sticks. The companionway is the Plexi-glass pieces that slides open and then lift out to enter the … Continue reading »

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When I first started the blog, my mother requested a RSS feed. I have never used RSS, nor do I really care to use RSS. (I like checking out different pages, and I selectively read articles that appeal to me. I know – I’m a dinosaur.) But I couldn’t let my mom embarrass me by … Continue reading »

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Buffett Time

Normally on a Tuesday night, I watch the one of my favorite shows, Deadliest Catch. Tonight we have some storms moving through the area, so the marina’s cable is out. Fortunately our main source of entertainment, our XM Satellite Radio, still works. I like the radio, it allows me to get work done, clean, or organize … Continue reading »

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Home is where the boat is….

I’ve added a new page which shows our current location from our “Spot” device. If you’re having a hard time finding the page, try clicking here. Since I finally added our location, I figured it might be time to talk a little bit about our home port, Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour. We’ve called BBYH our summer home … Continue reading »

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We have readers!

For those of you that are following along on the “Visitor Map,” this morning at 9:21 am EDT marked a very special moment for this blog- We had our 100th unique visitor!So thank you to all of the people that have visited this blog, please keep stopping back. In the future I promise nice pictures of colorful fish, … Continue reading »

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Stuff To Do

I received some strange looks yesterday when other sailors asked what I was currently doing on the boat to get ready for departure…. My sheepish reply, “Uhhh, umm, I’m currently compounding the deck….” Yep, that’s right.  Compounding the deck. Currently I’m not installing solar panels, or water makers, or compiling charts, or hooking up the radar, … Continue reading »

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Happy Fourth!

We’re heading out to enjoy the day on the water with friends and then hopefully catch some fireworks later tonight.  We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! As I mentioned the other day, our camera was full when we were in the Adirondacks. I cleared it off the other day and we had over a … Continue reading »

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