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Buffett Time

Posted by on July 19, 2011

Normally on a Tuesday night, I watch the one of my favorite shows, Deadliest Catch. Tonight we have some storms moving through the area, so the marina’s cable is out. Fortunately our main source of entertainment, our XM Satellite Radio, still works. I like the radio, it allows me to get work done, clean, or organize stuff.  Tonight it will also allow me to catch the Buffett Concert from Blossom Music Center near Cleveland.  Since Sabrina and I moved to Maryland from Cleveland, and I’ve caught a few concerts at Blossom, it’s nice to hear Buffett from someplace that seems familiar. Along with Radio Margaritaville, I love the XM because it provides me with zero commercials, and all the “bad” country music that I love.

I hope I didn’t just shatter anyone’s false perception that we were minimalists with this talk of TV and XM. To further destroy our image, we also have a freezer on board.  And air conditioning.  And a microwave.

These are all comforts that we have found necessary in our current phase of our life.  We’ve lived aboard for just over five years, through blizzards or heat waves, and until this November, we will have had to go to work at professional jobs. (From experience, it’s not easy sitting in an early meeting with a client with mal de dembarquement from a rolling night aboard in the marina.)

We enjoy our current comforts and we’re okay giving some of them up to go cruising.  We don’t have a generator on board, so no air conditioning, and I doubt we’ll watch much TV, but I want to keep the XM….

For as long as the satellites can reach us….

2 Responses to Buffett Time

  1. Tanya

    There is a term for that? Cool! I suffer from that quite a bit.

    • Brad

      Yes, and isn’t it a cool term? If you say it in French is sounds much cooler than “land sickness.”

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