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“3 Months” sounds better than “98 Days”

Posted by on July 25, 2011

“99 days left till we leave on our cruise, 99 days left to go!
No time to be lazy, try not to go crazy, 98 days left till we leave on our cruise!”
(Yes, I realize I might be leaning towards the crazy side….)

The days keep slipping away, I try to maximize what gets done, and plan ahead for what comes next, but it is a daunting task.  Something I realized is that when I say, “We’re leaving in 3 months” it sounds like a lot longer time frame than “We’re leaving in 98 days.” I don’t know why “3 Months” sounds better, but from here on out I think I’m going to say that.

I received some good news this morning, the carb rebuild kit for our dinghy outboard and the alternator and pulley kit for the Westerbeke diesel both arrived. I’m ecstatic about receiving the alternator parts because that means that I can finalize some things on our diesel engine.  An added bonus is that I get to work inside in the A/C in this heat!

More to follow tonight with pictures of the alternator installation with our brand new serpentine pulley set.  This 160 amp system built by ElectroMaax and coordinated by Cruise RO Water and Power will definitely be worthy of its own blog post!

Also, we just passed 200 unique visitors in our last 30 days! I can’t believe that we’ve had that many people stop by, hopefully we can keep things interesting for the next 98 days until we shove off.  Upon departure I hope the posts will just about write themselves and the pics will be far more interesting than engines, alternators and gelcoat repair.

Stay tuned because in the next couple weeks I’ll be rebuilding my first carburetor.  Those of you that know my mechanical prowess should realize that this should be worth a laugh….

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