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Stuff To Do

Posted by on July 10, 2011

I received some strange looks yesterday when other sailors asked what I was currently doing on the boat to get ready for departure…. My sheepish reply, “Uhhh, umm, I’m currently compounding the deck….”

Yep, that’s right.  Compounding the deck.

Currently I’m not installing solar panels, or water makers, or compiling charts, or hooking up the radar, or any number of awesome things that would-be cruisers always write about.  Currently I am in the process of using 3M rubbing compound with a Dewalt buffer to take oxidation off the deck.  (For those of you without boats, after time in the sun, gelcoat will start to “chalk.”  This chalk is oxidation and can be removed with a whole lot of elbow grease.  Or a mechanical buffer spinning at 2500 rpm with some heavy duty rubbing compound.) Some might think this is frivolous, but for me, I’d go crazy while cruising if the boat didn’t look nice. Yes, even in paradise. Also, polished boats clean up a lot easier than oxidized boats. So I view my current toils as an investment in my future relaxation.

In my defense, it made more sense to buff now, before I install a bunch of things that I would have to buff around.  The main problem I’m encountering is a serious outbreak of spiders that I have to clean off before I buff every evening when the shade hits the deck.  That’s the other thing I discussed with the other sailors, how this year has been horrible for 8-legged menaces.

So there you have it, currently the number one priority (in my mind at least) is a nicely buffed and gleaming deck. And don’t worry, the topsides and hull will follow this fall when we get hauled out for a fresh coat of wax.

Waxing, buffing, and killing spiders…  Truly living the dream.


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