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Author Archives: Brad

Guest Shots

It has been almost two weeks since we last posted to the blog. Some of you might think that our silence might mean we don’t have anything interesting to write about –  but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, some awesome, some ridiculous, but all … Continue reading »

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Cat Island

Our friends Sean and Shannon flew in on Thursday afternoon. We hung out in Georgetown that night, went to the Rake n’ Scrape at the Peace and Plenty, and made plans to head out first thing Friday morning. Our destination? Cat Island. We decided on Cat Island for the simple reasons that we’d never been there and … Continue reading »

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Two Wild and Crazy Guys!

On January 31st, Sabrina flew home to visit family and my former college roommate, Stretch, flew into town. (He earned the nickname “Stretch” while playing drums in the Ohio University Marching 110, and since his real name is Brad, it’s easier when we’re together for him to still use it.)  Stretch lives in northeast Ohio … Continue reading »

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What are the Odds?

My buddy Stretch left on Tuesday, February 5th after a fun day of softball, beer drinking, and hanging out. Sabrina would be flying back in on Friday February 8th.  Accompanying her on her trip back would be her brother, Chris, and sister-in-law, Kathy, to visit us until February 17th. That gave me a few days … Continue reading »

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Making Friends

My buddy Stretch flew in on January 31st to hang out with me while Sabrina is gone. (Currently I’m working on a longer post to talk about what we did during his visit.) Yesterday morning before Stretch flew out we heard that there would be a softball game at 9:15. We figured, “Hey, why not?” … Continue reading »

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Blending In

Georgetown is famous (infamous?) for the community of cruisers that has blossomed here in Elizabeth Harbour over the years. Some people come back year after year, some people plan to stop over for a few days and end up spending a few weeks, and some people just leave their boats here and fly in. There … Continue reading »

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Enjoying Georgetown

We’re taking care of some chores here in Georgetown, and I found some wifi. Here are some photos from the last couple days.

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