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Cat Island

Posted by on February 23, 2013

Our friends Sean and Shannon flew in on Thursday afternoon. We hung out in Georgetown that night, went to the Rake n’ Scrape at the Peace and Plenty, and made plans to head out first thing Friday morning. Our destination? Cat Island. We decided on Cat Island for the simple reasons that we’d never been there and the forecasted wind looked good for the sail. The wind turned out to be FANTASTIC for the sail, and we made great time, even extending the trip farther north to Fernandez Bay than our anticipated landfall at Old Bight.

Late morning a reel started singing, and Sean brought in a nice sized mahi. At that point we weren’t really ready for the fish, but we got her aboard without incident. I filleted the fish and cleaned the cockpit while Sabrina trimmed the fish below. The wind built more than we expected, and the seas got a little choppy, but it was fun as our speed increased accordingly.

At lunchtime, Sean braved the seas to make delicious mahi sandwiches in the galley. (We had debated for a long time how best to eat our catch, and it was decided that mahi sandwiches and then mahi fillets for dinner would be best.) I had just been handed a sandwich and took my first bite when the second reel started screaming. I shouted with a full mouth for Sean to forget the sandwiches and come reel in a fish. A BIG fish.

We were sailing at over 7 knots now, so I rounded up quickly to slow the boat. Sabrina and I furled the genoa, and finally we stopped losing drag on the reel. This bull mahi was a fighter, but luckily we were well practiced at this point. A few minutes later, I gaffed the bull and Sean and I tossed him into the cockpit. Shannon was there with the camera to capture the action, something Sabrina and I never have a chance to do.

Now we no longer needed to debate when or how we were going to eat the mahi. We finished our sandwiches, and had thick mahi steaks off the bull for dinner. Sean prepared an excellent dish of seasoned brown rice, spinach, and sauteed mahi with lemon and capers. (I was very disappointed that I forget to snap a picture of dinner but I forgot as soon as my gorgeous plate arrived.) The 46″ long bull provided enough fish that we’ll have enough fish for the rest of the Sean and Shannon’s visit!

It was a great start to the trip, and now we have to see what we find when we explore Cat Island.

2 Responses to Cat Island

  1. Keith & Carol

    Hi Brad and Sabrina! just wanted to check in on you guys and see where your travels have taken you. Nice fish. Hope this finds you both doing well and hope to hear about your adventures when you get back. Might need to have to do a little sailing training for when we retire as we see gas is not the way to travel. 🙂
    Keith & Carol

    • Brad

      Plenty of time for sailing this summer on the Bay! We’ll see you soon, when does the shrink wrap come off?

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