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Guest Shots

Posted by on March 8, 2013

It has been almost two weeks since we last posted to the blog. Some of you might think that our silence might mean we don’t have anything interesting to write about –  but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity, some awesome, some ridiculous, but all of it fun. I’ll start by posting a ton of photos that our friends Sean and Shannon shot when they were visiting.

(I really enjoy when guests pull out their cameras, it gives me the opportunity to see the Bahamas from a different perspective. Unfortunately, in the rush to avoid the storm we failed to get Kathy’s photos before they flew home. But I’ll add those when we get back to the States.) 

After our sail to Cat Island, (when we caught the mahis from the last post,) we spent the night in Fernandez Bay. The beautiful bay was very pretty, but unfortunately there was a surge rocking the boat constantly. We did some snorkeling the next morning near Fernandez Bay and found a nice lobster. We decided to find a calmer anchorage and moved south to Old Bight. Another couple snorkeling excursions that afternoon didn’t yield anything else for the dinner table, so the lobster became sushi for cocktail hour. We still had plenty of mahi, and Sean treated us to several different preparations of the fish over the next few days.

From Old Bight we headed to New Bight where the famous “Hermitage” is located. The Hermitage of Father Jerome is located on Comer Hill, the highest hill in the Bahamas. Father Jerome was a jack of all trades who built many churches in the Bahamas. He resided at the Hermitage until his death in 1956. We also visited the last church he built which was the Church of the Holy Redeemer located down the road in New Bight.

During our hike around New Bight I found a coconut on the side of the road. We haven’t had much luck with coconuts so I really wanted to harvest this one. What followed was a tough sequence of events where I used a tree stump to break off the husk with Sean’s help. Then when we returned to the boat I used the back of a machete to open the nut. The nut hadn’t spoiled and it was worth all the work to open it up. We passed around coconut shavings and all had a sample, even Nermal checked it out.

New Bight anchorage was a little rough, so we motored JV back to Old Bight to anchor on Sunday night. The next morning we left Old Bight and fished the entire way to Calabash Bay on Long Island. Other than a couple of hits we had no luck fishing, but that night we enjoyed a great dinner at the Cape Santa Maria Resort. Tuesday  morning we snorkeled all over the reefs in Calabash Bay and saw some very interesting coral and fish.

We had planned ahead properly for the forecast winds and had a fantastic sail back to Georgetown from Calabash Bay on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon Sean and Shannon had to fly out, but we still had time to hike up to the Stocking Island Monument for a view of the harbor Wednesday morning. Afterwards we dinghied past Volleyball Beach and then made a quick trip to Fish Fry Village for lunch before they had to catch their flight. We were tight on time after lunch, but luckily a local businesswoman gave us a ride back to town.

We bid farewell to Sean and Shannon that afternoon at 3:00 after squeezing about as much as possible into their trip here. We had a blast and we’re very happy that we had a chance to explore a new island with them.  Before they left I really wanted Sean and Shannon to write a full guest blog post, but when Sean started off with, “Day 3: I was finally allowed to shower…” I put an end to that idea. 🙂

Thank you Shannon for the great photos and we’ll see you soon on the Bay!



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