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“Because it’s there.”

Posted by on September 27, 2012

[Click here if you missed yesterday’s epic post with 60 photos.]

Blog followers may have noticed that we tend to set up random goals when we arrive to someplace new. You may remember we were running out of time at Warderick Wells in the Bahamas so we decided to do all the trails on the island in one day.  That was after we toured almost every snorkel site in the lower Exumas Park. More recently, we did every ranger-led hike in Boston because we found the historical perspective they provided fascinating. Briefly we thought about seeing every light-house on the East Coast (maybe next time…)

So what do you think our plan is here in Acadia? Home to 26 mountains..?

Yep, after getting a taste of hiking with my father, we’ve decided we’re going to climb each one of the mountains that has a path to the summit. 2 of the 26 mountains don’t have paths, so that leaves 24 peaks (and don’t worry, we’ll be climbing Cadillac Mountain again since we drove a car to the top of it the first time.) To those that might wonder why we’ve decided to do such a thing, George Mallory famously responded to the question of why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest with the response, “Because it’s there.”

I’ve created a spreadsheet [insert engineer joke here] that divides the peaks by regions, allowing us to summit several in a single day. After I dropped my dad at his rental car on Tuesday, we caught the bus to the trail head for Gorham Mountain (Elev. 525) and then picked up Dorr Mountain (Elev. 1270) in the afternoon.

In addition, our trail guide lists paths by “Easy, Moderate, Strenuous, or Ladder” and a side goal is to finish every path listed as a “Ladder.”  (Only three of those remain.) We climbed Dorr Mountain via the aptly named “Ladder Trail” and then took a side trip on the “Homan’s Path” which was very steep and marked with an “L” for ladder, but we didn’t encounter an actual ladder on it. While the views from the summits are breathtaking, the true joy in the hikes is discovering the hidden secrets on the trails. We enjoy experiencing the craftmanship and art that went into the creation of the paths as they wind past ponds, over creeks, and up cliffs. The amount of work that went into constructing the granite stairways in the sides of the mountains is mind-boggling, and apparently that construction took place before Acadia became a National Park.

Yesterday it was raining and windy so we rested, cleaned, and did laundry. We also found out that our friends Dave and Jess from S/V Kianda will be crossing the border to join us for the weekend! Awesome!

Today we’re hopping on the Island Explorer bus to a trailhead, eager to see what lies ahead for us around the next turn. Follow along on our hiking adventures, we’re carrying the Spot with us. The tracks only pick up when there’s a break in the leaves, but we’re sending a special message from the top of the peaks. Look for those messages, there’s two on the page already.

2 Responses to “Because it’s there.”

  1. Candace

    Absolutely beautiful with the blue skies and fall colors. Those stairs are indeed scary looking!

    • Brad

      Needless to say, you probably wouldn’t enjoy most of these trails, you should have seen the “Precipice Trail” today! There are some nice trails, there’s some photos of the Jordan Pond path coming up tomorrow, it was pretty cool for the little part of it that we saw.

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