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Ahhhh…. Breathe Deep

Posted by on May 4, 2012

As we walked into town yesterday morning, we sensed something… different.

We’ve never been to Black Point before, but the town seemed like it was in full Technicolor (or digitally remastered in HD if you prefer.) It was as if we’d landed in Oz! We couldn’t put a finger on what was different…?  The blues and the pinks of the buildings seemed more vibrant, the water seemed clearer, and the air smelled fresh. Then we figured it out! After the deluge of rain over the last couple of days all the vegetation was bright green.  The typically burnt grass and struggling trees typical in the Bahamas now looked like they were irrigated and manicured. It added so much life to everything we viewed.

In addition to the gorgeous vegetation, we had a bright blue sky for what seems like the first time in months (probably more like a week.) It was like back at home when that first beautiful day of spring hits and everything seems to come alive.

Black Point is a great little community and I can see why some cruisers choose to call this place home over the winter.  There’s a nice Laundromat, friendly folks, and several restaurants that have specials for cruisers. We walked out to Black Point’s Regatta Point and I would love to be here for their regatta in August. The building sits high on a cliff overlooking the harbor, and the residents of the settlement take their racing seriously. The C Class boat I crewed on in George Town, “Fredricka” is from Black Point, so I looked around for the boat or the captain but I wasn’t able to find either. We did see a mural at the government dock that depicted the local boats, and the No. 4 Fredricka was prominently featured.

After a nice walk through town we decided to head back to the boat and cool off in the clear water. Once we jumped in and swam around we decided it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a little cleaning on the hull. Luckily, the bottom job we did at Bohemia Bay has paid off and the growth is minimal and comes off easily with a few strokes of a brush. While Sabrina cleaned the hull with a snorkel, I busied myself with cleaning the topsides and waterline.

While swimming around the boat we noticed that Joint Venture has made a few friends under the waterline, several remoras were hanging around the keel.  If only we could attach brushes to their funny shaped heads, we wouldn’t have to work so hard to clean the bottom!

Update: Last night around 10:00 a call came over the VHF that a lady had lost her cat overboard. I quickly got some details from her, grabbed our spotlight, jumped in the dinghy and started searching the harbor. I searched for about an hour until the batteries ran out on the spotlight, and I didn’t find the cat. I didn’t mention it earlier, (because I thought there wasn’t a happy ending,) but just now the woman came back over the VHF to say that she found the cat. The cat had climbed into the bilge and gotten trapped and luckily she could hear her meowing last night around 2:00. Great news!

Another boat came over the VHF while we were discussing this and mentioned they didn’t hear what had happened last night, but they had seen me in a dinghy searching the harbor and then presumably heading out to sea. They said they thought I was lost and couldn’t find my boat. They mentioned they thought about calling BASRA (Bahamas Air Sea Rescue) thinking that I would never be seen again! I apologized and told the concerned boat that I had a handheld VHF, but since it was so late no one wanted to make any calls and wake people up unless it was necessary. All’s well that ends well, just another day in the cruising community! 

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