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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Water, Water Everywhere….

Now that we are cruising, we’ve become hyper-conscious of a lot of the resources we used to take for granted back home. We can’t just pull over anywhere to fill up with gas or diesel, and things like water and electricity, which we used to hardly given a second thought have suddenly become very precious … Continue reading »

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Conception Island

Monday 20th – Hatchet Bay Departure We left Hatchet Bay Monday morning about 7:00, a west wind was still blowing, but it looked like a good morning for a sail. (For those of you unfamiliar with frontal weather passages in the Bahamas, essentially the wind blows lightly from the SE/S before the front hits, then … Continue reading »

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At this point you might have thought that something happened to us? Or maybe we lost the computer? Or maybe we took a vow of internet silence? Or maybe we didn’t have anything to write about?…  Au contraire! Since departing the Jib Room on Friday February 10th we’ve weathered storms, caught fish, re-fixed the stuff … Continue reading »

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Heading South

Like I’ve said, many cruisers define cruising as ‘fixing your boat in exotic places,’ and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the last couple of days here at the Jib Room. But now things are running good and we’re ready to head out today to keep moving south. We’re going to move the boat … Continue reading »

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Life is like a box of chocolates…

Admittedly, Sabrina and I are somewhat “Forrest Gump-ing” our way through the Abacos.  We had few plans before we left the states (we didn’t have time to make plans in the craziness) and while the information in the guide books will get you started, it doesn’t tell you about the truly cool stuff.  We’ve lucked … Continue reading »

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We found a blue hole!

And it is visible from space! Click this link:  Blue Hole Then switch to the satellite view and zoom in, you’ll see the blue hole that we were floating above in the dinghy. For more on the blue holes, check out this informative website: The blue hole we found is marked by a somber reminder on … Continue reading »

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Yo ho ho!

Yesterday on the Cruiser’s Net a boat requested GPS coordinates for the blue holes within the Bight of Old Robinson. These blue holes are infamous and somewhat undiscovered, so I was surprised when someone actually answered this request.  We quickly jumped on the radio and provided our email address to get the coordinates emailed to … Continue reading »

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