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Heading South

Posted by on February 10, 2012

Like I’ve said, many cruisers define cruising as ‘fixing your boat in exotic places,’ and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for the last couple of days here at the Jib Room. But now things are running good and we’re ready to head out today to keep moving south.

We’re going to move the boat down to Lynyard Cay today so we can hopefully get an early start tomorrow.  We’re trying to make the jump from the Abacos to Eleuthera and points further south, we’ll be watching the weather because it’s a little shifty right now, but we should have great wind for sailing. It’s about a 10 hour trip to Eleuthera, and we want to arrive in daylight, so we need to leave early in the day.

Follow along on our Spot, we’ll be sure to have it on and tracking our progress.  If you see any large deviations in the track, it just means that I’m fishing!

We’ll post when we have internet in Eleuthera, if you need to contact us, text or leave a voicemail on the satellite phone, we’ll check it daily.

9 Responses to Heading South

  1. Dribble McFee

    Good luck fishing! The perch are biting up here.

    • Brad

      Huge Mahi, flat head, caught it on a ballyhoo I rigged myself with a black and purple Squidnation bubbler. One I lost was on a Carolina Seawitch with blue and pink behind a pink bird. Lost the bird too….. My ballyhoo actually trolled halfway decent, you wouldn’t have pulled them, but they put meat in the box!

    • Brad

      Oh, and save some perch for a fish fry in early June!

  2. Tanya

    Sabrina, did you get the email I sent you?

    Have a great trip south!!

    • Brad

      Sabrina got the email, but I keep her trapped on the boat sewing all day far away from internet signals…. She told me to send you a message, but I forget what it was… but I know we’re ready to cruise with you next winter, put Eleuthera on your list!

  3. Tanya

    Miss hearing from you guys. The packages are really piling up!! Did you lose you Aeropress overboard?

    • Brad

      If we lost the Aeropress, we’d have deployed the Epirb and told the Coast Guard to drop one to us. We’re just planning ahead in case we break one or lose a piece, plus it will make two cups of coffee a lot faster with two presses. Did you like Nermal’s new harness? He likes fresh mahi better than fresh wahoo, he’s a picky kitty.

      • Tanya

        I must have missed something somewhere? Where would I see the harness? He is one lucky kitty to get all that fresh fish. Marmalade and Dexter want to live aboard JV this summer/next winter!!!

        • Brad

          We can pack Marmalade and Dexter little box lunches of fresh fish when they visit JV….

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