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We found a blue hole!

Posted by on February 2, 2012

And it is visible from space!

Click this link:  Blue Hole

Then switch to the satellite view and zoom in, you’ll see the blue hole that we were floating above in the dinghy. For more on the blue holes, check out this informative website: The blue hole we found is marked by a somber reminder on shore:

Memorial Plaque

I’ve transcribed it for those that can’t read it:

-Jason A. Hensley
-Mathew C. Fidler
-Ryan C. Smith
drowned here on 2 April 1994
Let this be a forewarning to any who would endeavor to explore these tunnels below.

This is the main danger with blue holes, some people will explore them with scuba equipment, you can get lost, disoriented or run out of air within the labyrinth of caves beneath the surface.  In the future, Sabrina and I may snorkel around these holes, which is considered safe, but we will never dive them without the proper training and a guide.

The blue holes are difficult to see unless the light is right,here’s a photo looking out across the hole:

Blue Hole from the Surface

But once you near the hole, there is no mistaking it, the bottom will drop from 3-5′ of sand and grass to a great abyss of limestone and deep blue water, it’s easy to see why people become enchanted with these curious geological formations.

We were up early again to listen to the weather forecast, and now we have a big day planned in Little Harbor.  We’ll let you know more about our stay tomorrow.

Sunrise Little Harbor

One Response to We found a blue hole!

  1. Candy

    If I had known you were interested in Blue Holes, we could have visited Castalia OH when you were little!

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