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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Life at GTC

We’ve settled in at Green Turtle Club marina for a couple of days.  They have a deal here that whatever you spend at the restaurant or bar comes off your dockage fees.  At only $1.25 a foot (that’s $50 a night for JV) a couple nice dinners for the four of us covered our dockage … Continue reading »

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Pics for Larry

Two local fishing boats just got back with coolers full of wahoo. It was a grueling day for these guys, they were on the water almost 4 full hours! I thought something was odd when they didn’t leave the dock till 10:00, but they knew what they were doing. I think I’ll follow them tomorrow … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Paradise

It took me a few moments to realize it, but after we tied up at the Green Turtle Club (GTC), checked in at the marina, and checked in through customs, I ordered a Kalik Gold at the GTC bar and turned around to paradise!  It finally hit me when I saw Sergeant Majors swimming around … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas!

(I’m guessing that I saw the sunrise before you did this morning.) The temperature was a beautiful 81 degrees Saturday in North Palm.  We were able to buy some groceries and do some last minute “Christmas” shopping at West Marine and Diver’s Direct.  My lines are rigged and ready for the Gulf Stream, and we … Continue reading »

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Old Port Cove Marina

We’re tucked in safe here at Old Port Cove Marina in North Palm Beach, gotta run some errands, check the weather, and see when we’re leaving for our crossing.  We hit some adverse current and it was easier to keep going through a second night rather than duck into Cape Canaveral yesterday afternoon. Fernandina Beach … Continue reading »

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Back on Track

After some internet research with the wi-fi here at the mooring and quite a few phone calls this morning, we were able to find a suitable part at the local Fernandina Beach Napa store. Brad’s changing the oil and installing the new tank as I type, and we’re planning to fill up with diesel and … Continue reading »

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Fernandina Beach

Here’s a late breaking development in our cruising plans: Remember when I said we had a “minor engine issue” in Morehead City?  To better describe the problem, our coolant expansion tank had developed a couple of cracks.  (One was below the strap that holds it to the wall, and the other was at the base … Continue reading »

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Hello Florida! Things are kind of hazy right now due to lack of sleep, but here’s the high points: We got a late start out of Morehead City due to a minor engine issue, and therefore we didn’t get underway until 7:30 on Sunday morning. (After resolving  an engine issue you should always head directly out … Continue reading »

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We unloaded trash in Oriental, took on water and filled up with diesel here in Morehead City. In cruising books they call this “staging for departure.” Tomorrow we head out to the Beaufort Inlet light and turn SW for a destination TBD. (Hint: it will be another state). No wifi tonight so no pictures, and … Continue reading »

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