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Fernandina Beach

Posted by on December 21, 2011

Here’s a late breaking development in our cruising plans:
Remember when I said we had a “minor engine issue” in Morehead City?  To better describe the problem, our coolant expansion tank had developed a couple of cracks.  (One was below the strap that holds it to the wall, and the other was at the base where the hose barb comes out of the tank.)  I think it was probably just because the plastic is 10 years old and subject to a lot of heat and vibration, therefore I tossed a little silicone “Rescue Tape” on the cracks and my fix got us to Fernandina.  Tonight while preparing to change the oil, I noticed a lot of coolant in the engine bilge and that’s when I noticed that the hose barb had fully snapped off, no chance for repair now!  Now I need to see if anyone in the area has part number 24977 in stock, and if not, I need to get the part overnighted here to Fernandina…  Before the weekend… Right before Christmas…

Hmmmmm…… While I haven’t fully counted us out for leaving Fernandina before Christmas, I’m preparing for the worst on this issue. Here’s a few of the  pros and cons of Fernandina Beach.

Inexpensive moorings ($20 a night)
Free dinghy dock, showers and lounge included with the mooring
Free wifi
Nice laundry facility
Quaint historic downtown
Numerous museums and historical monuments
Fresh seafood from the many fishing boats in town
US Customs office for us to check out of the country
Many restaurants and shops

Paper mill that sends horrible smells across the anchorage
Same paper mill causing noise 24/7
7-9 foot tidal difference makes life interesting, and hence the moorings are necessary

The pros outnumber the cons, but this place isn’t quite the postcard perfect port that I could have hoped to be stuck in.

Here’s some photos from Oriental and Morehead City, it looks like I’ll have plenty of time to get pictures of offshore and Fernandina posted tomorrow.

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