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Posted by on December 20, 2011

Hello Florida!

Things are kind of hazy right now due to lack of sleep, but here’s the high points:

  • We got a late start out of Morehead City due to a minor engine issue, and therefore we didn’t get underway until 7:30 on Sunday morning. (After resolving  an engine issue you should always head directly out to sea for an extended passage.)
  • We traveled 365 nautical miles within 56 hours:
    When the weather turned on us south of Morehead City, we headed to Wrightsville Beach
    When the weather got better we turned south again to Cape Fear
    When the weather turned bad again on us we headed to Savannah
    When the shipping traffic at Savannah got ridiculous we headed to Fernandina Beach.
  • We saw a ton of dolphins and one sea turtle.
  • I got to talk to the Coast Guard because I was on too close of an approach to a sub they were bringing out of St. Mary’s.
  • I caught a bunch of skipjack tuna (if only they tasted good, we would have feasted for days.)
  • It was COLD on the overnights, but now it is nice a warm.
  • Nermal gained his sea legs (hysterical to watch a cat trying to navigate the cabin in pitching seas.)
  • I have to change the oil because we’ve run the engine for 100 hours since we left Bo Bay.
  • When you’re on night watch and a dolphin screams “EEE-eee-eee-EEE” right next to where you’re sitting, you’ll be wide awake for the next couple of minutes.

Good night everyone, more to follow tomorrow after I get some sleep.

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  1. Dave M

    Brad, It sounds like it was an exciting trip. So, how big were the seas? I had seen where the winds had turned and were coming out of the SW and wondered how you were doing. It seemed like they wind speeds dropped at night though, so that was a blessing. It also looked really cold. Also, I would love to hear more about the engine troubles, if you can share those details. I am sure you were beat after several days at sea. I know how I felt with just 14 hours in heavy weather. Please, fill in the details, your blog community is waiting with baited breath…

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