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Working on a boat (just not the sailboat)

Posted by on June 6, 2011

With only 146 days to go until we depart, I’m VERY busy working on the sailboat, but tonight I had to do some work on our other boat, a 2000 Ski Centurion, which we’re selling.  (“Had to” may not be the best term, it was gorgeous tonight, and I really WANTED to go wakeboarding.)

So, I grab a buddy, and we’re on our way.  The bad news was that our third person cancelled on us at the last minute.  Therefore we couldn’t go wakeboarding, no third person means no observer, which means we’re not legal to board.  This also means that a certain individual is persona non grata on the Centurion until he issues a written apology, or at least brings along a nice 6-pack.

The two of us salvaged the night, running around the river and making sure the boat performed well.  I was also able to do some final tune-ups to finish preparing the boat for sale.  So now the boat is all ready for a new owner, but on the other hand the boat is also perfect for wakeboarding over the next couple of weeks….

We’ll see what the weather does….


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