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My White Whale

Posted by on March 21, 2013

Sabrina and I have caught a lot of fish while we’ve been cruising, (some day I’ll have to put together a photo album of just that,) but there’s always been one fish that has eluded me…. No, not the dozen buffalo wings I wished for, but my favorite fish to eat – the yellowfin tuna.

On St. Patrick’s Day we had just had a spirited sail overnight in the Gulf Stream. As the sun came up the winds died and we began to motor. It was a lot calmer, so I decided it was time to fish, and I decided that the only lures worth running on St. Patrick’s Day would have to be green. I dropped four lines back and waited. About 5 hours later I was in the cabin getting lunch when Sabrina yelled that there was a fish on!

When I got on deck I noticed something was different. I didn’t want to jinx it, but normally a mahi would be jumping above the water. This fish dove deep and he was fighting hard. I stayed on the rod, fighting and keeping tension while Sabrina cleared lines and prepared for the fish to come aboard.

Minutes later my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the tuna materialize from the deep. There were a few suspenseful moments while we hoisted him aboard, but after that I could breathe again and we began to celebrate. Shortly thereafter I had him cleaned and chilling in the freezer. The wind picked up later that afternoon, so it wasn’t a good idea to start waving sharp knives to make sushi, but the next evening we had a magnificent spread.

That first night for dinner we had sushi, sashimi, and hand rolls. Then I made “Spicy Tuna Nachos” from some of the trimmings for lunch (thanks Myron and Dena for the idea.) For dinner the second night we had the largest loin seared and still cold in the middle. Even after all that there are still two loins remaining in the freezer for later (as it got cold in the ICW we switched to heartier, hot meals.)

The tuna was as great as I’ve ever dreamed. As I sliced sushi that first night I was eating it straight off the knife, and I don’t even like fish!  Finally landing a tuna was a great end to our fishing while cruising, I consider it the luck of the Irish!

[I’ll have more on the rest of the trip later, but I wanted to get these photos up while we had access to internet tonight.]


5 Responses to My White Whale

  1. LunaSea Tackle

    Our lures are so good, even blow boaters catch with ’em!

  2. Dolby & Britt

    WAY TO GO!! That tuna looks GREAT and Dolby even commends your sushi!! Looks like the trip back has gone well. We will be heading the same way very very soon and will keep in touch to hopefully get together up north!! Safe sails!

  3. Dolby & Britt

    NICE FISH!! Dolby also thinks your sushi looks GREAT! 🙂 Way to go! I can only hope we’ll be as successful in our crossing!! We will be heading north very very soon, so we’ll keep in touch and hopefully catch up once we return to the good ole Delaware! Safe travels!

    • Brad

      Thank you, but tell Dolby that he is way too kind. While I was making the sushi I kept muttering to myself, “I should have asked Dolby more questions….” 🙂 Good luck fishing on your crossing and stay safe. We’ll stay in touch, and keep us posted on what you’re up to. Fair winds!

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