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Heading Home

Posted by on March 9, 2013

We’ve been working hard to get everything ready to leave for Maryland. We took on diesel, gas, and water, we picked up our fresh groceries, and stowed everything for passage. The weather has been against us for about the last week, (and today doesn’t look to great) but there’s a small window that we’re trying to catch to move north in the Bahamas. Hopefully better weather is coming and we’ll be able to make bigger jumps soon.

I haven’t had a chance yet to write about the fun of Cruiser’s Regatta – from a softball game under the lights, to the 4-on-4 volleyball tournament, to two separate sailboat races – but I’ll get the photos together and post them the next time we find good wifi. (And yes, we’ve been busy filling our time while we waited for weather.)

Last night we said our goodbyes to our friends, some we’ll see again soon as our paths cross on the way north and some we hope to see this summer when they pass through the Chesapeake. Others are heading south, and we wished them well on their journeys.

We’ve had a great time in Georgetown this winter, but now it’s time to head home. Follow along on the Spot!

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