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Photo Friday!

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Tuesday began our first of two exhausting days exploring Manjack Cay. We snorkeled a few spots, found a conch and generally hung out with Jay and Tanya. Dinner was aboard Joint Venture and we had goose burritos, courtesy of the farm fields of Cecil County, Maryland.

Wednesday we dinghied  through the cut between Manjack and Crab Cay and circumnavigated Manjack Cay around to the north. We stopped at a small reef where I was able to find a lobster. After returning to the boat, I cleaned the conch from Tuesday, steamed the lobster tail, and made a conch/lobster salad for happy hour. We had fresh onions, green peppers, oranges, apples, and limes, so the resulting conch salad was delicious. (We learned the secret of adding the apple from Max’s Conch Bar on Long Island, it gives a different dimension to the traditional conch salad.)

After our long morning of snorkeling, it was with some objection from all that we then headed to shore to walk the island. But it was generally agreed after the walk that the nice paths were worth it (at least that’s what everyone said….) We hiked around the island to the large beach on the north east side. From there we walked back across to Nunjack Bay, Coconut Tree Beach, and the overlook at the bluff. Returning to the boats after squeezing everything in we headed to Minx for grilled steaks. It was a long couple days, but we got a chance to experience all of Manjack before we left.

Thursday we fished on our way from Manjack to Hope Town. We fished the wall outside the bank in the ocean, yet we still only caught a barracuda. Thursday night we stayed in Hope Town while a front blew through. Jay’s parents, Ray and Eileen, on Ankers Away were very kind to have us over for a wonderful dinner on their trawler. We very much enjoyed hearing about the local happenings in Hope Town harbor and how things have changed in the Bahamas over the years.

Today is cloudy and breezy as the front passes, but hopefully the nice weather will return soon. We plan on heading to Eleuthera on the next weather window, which hopefully will be Tuesday. Shortly we plan on heading into Hope Town to see the village.

As promised, we now have wifi access, so here’s some photos of what we’ve been up to over the last week.


4 Responses to Photo Friday!

  1. Kianda

    Looks like your night visitor is facing the right way at least!
    Have fun in Bahamas. After breakfast we’re going outside to shovel our driveway before the snow freezes and changes from fluffy to an enormous ice block.

    • Brad

      I still had to wash the deck off in the morning…. Sorry about that snow shoveling, maybe you can put some reggae on your iPod and pretend it’s fluffy white sand? We’ll be in Georgetown soon, I’m sure we’ll think of you guys while we’re out on the volleyball court. Stay warm!

  2. Tir Na Nog

    Hello Brad & Sabrina, it’s fun to visit your web site.It surly provides a warm image durning these snow filled cold winter hours.I truly miss being in that situation,but I can enjoy the fantisize through your adventures.The same goes for Jay & Tayna,I’ll be e-mailing those adventurers soon.Keep-up the
    great story & writings.
    Fair Winds Calm Seas
    Your friends Ed & Val

    • Brad

      Ed and Val, thanks for checking in! We’ll be sure to tell Jay and Tanya you say hi the next time we meet up. Stay warm up there, and hopefully we’ll all have a chance to get together sometime in the near future.

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