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Merry Christmas!

Posted by on December 25, 2012

After a lot of Brad’s hard work, finally Joint Venture is ready to head south. The weather has changed again, so we’re now targeting the morning of December 27th to cast off the dock lines. First “gaining” a day, and now “losing” a day has caused us to scramble to complete some tasks that needed to be done. Now we can say that JV is in much better shape to sail south than she was last year around this time. It’s a good thing that she’s stowed and ready, because a strong WNW wind is forecast for Thursday. Hopefully we’ll be sailing fast to warmer weather!

Brad drove to Indiana on Sunday to join me. Today we left my parents’ to head to Brad’s folks’ house. We’ll get a chance to have Christmas dinner, but unfortunately we have to turn around and get right back on the road. There’s a strong winter storm blowing through Ohio and the Appalachians on Wednesday. If we don’t leave tonight we would be fighting ice and snow for a few days as we try to get back to tropical Maryland. It’s going to be chilly as we sail south, but it was great to be home for the holidays.

From the crew here at Joint Venture, we’re hoping that you’ve had a happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

5 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Linda Sellick

    The Ocean is raging as we look out the window from the Myrtle Beach condo and there`s an electrical storm also.

    Tony and I wish you both a safe voyage South and will be following your progress.

    Linda SV Oneday

    • Brad

      Thank you! The Bay was raging here today, that’s why we stayed in port, I just hope we can still catch some wind when we leave. It looks like we might not be able to go outside of the ICW down to Florida. Let us know if you’re still in Myrtle Beach if we get close.

  2. Frank & Heidi

    Check your PO Box. Hopefully a little something is there for you. have a great trip, we’ll be reading about the adventure.

    • Brad

      Thank you, we checked the mail today, but nothing had arrived. They might have already started forwarding our mail. We’re leaving soon, thanks for following along!

  3. Linda Sellick

    We are in Myrtle Beach and of course very near to the ICW and will be leaving here on the 2nd of January. Then we will be heading up to Beaufort NC to check up on some of our Beaufort friends. We will leave our hand held radio on so maybe you can try hailing us. Our `phone no is: 321-431-4384 in case the VHF doesn`t work.
    Wishing you a very safe and wonderful trip.

    Linda SV “Oneday”

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