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2 Responses to Maybe We Should Have Left on Friday?

  1. Linda Sellick

    OMG, typical boat bad luck. We are so sorry. I have literally been following your tracks and knew that you were in the Swamp and thinking, “yes, they will be a little warmer in there”. Actually, we had a bad frost on “Oneday” last year when entering the second lock and that was in November!! Tony had to wrestle with frozen lines to get us free from the tie up dock. When you get to Elizabeth City, the Farm Fresh store will give you a free ride to their store – it`s a great service assuming that you will be there when the store is open. We will be in Beaufort NC on the 2nd of January. If you are anywhere near there and need a ride anywhere, please let us know.

    Linda SV “Oneday”

    • Sabrina

      Hi Linda! Thanks so much for your comments and your offer. We would love to see you, and if we make it near there, we have your number now and will give you a call. Hope you are enjoying your trip, and we wish you and Tony and very Happy New Year!

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