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6 Responses to Hurricane Party

  1. Brett

    I hope everything goes well and the storm keeps south. We’ll be thinking about you guys.

    • Brad

      The worst of it passed by to the south like we hoped. Did you get hit at all on HHI?

  2. Dave Robertson

    Hi Guys – I was thinking about you and hoping you found a nice hole for Sandy. I saw on Spot that you are for sure nicely tucked away. Good choice on stripping everything off. Alot of work, but you just never know!! Dave

    • Brad

      Yeah, it was a lot of work, but better safe than sorry. (And Sabrina would have been miserable if the canvas was damaged.) Thanks for following along, stay warm up there!

  3. Jess & Dave

    Hey Guys!
    We’re thinking of you today – glad to hear you’re prepared and in a safe hole.
    Take care and keep us posted.
    Jess & Dave

    • Brad

      Thanks for checking in, did you get any weather from the storm? We left our safe hole today, it was a little swell-y on the way to Portland.

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