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4 Responses to Brrrrr…

  1. Aunt Heidi

    Love it! Uncle Frank and I have always wanted to ask you: How big is Joint Venture?

    • Brad

      Joint Venture is just under 40′, (which reminds me, I guess I should put up a page with her description so people know.)

  2. Tanya

    If it makes you feel any better (warmer?) we are sitting AT the boat show with the heater on to keep from shivering!! And I am already wondering what we are going to do about hot water now that we don’t have to run the engine (stoopid solar panels!). Here’s to grinning morons!!!

    • Brad

      Hope you are having fun, the heater is a great thing. We’ll remember these days fondly when we’re sweating below the Tropic of Cancer this February.

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