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2 Responses to Welcome to Maine!

  1. Tanya

    And probably no phone service, right? I saw you were in PMH about 2 hours after you anchored and I texted you. With no response I thought you were either passed out or in a cell dark hole (which isn’t a bad thing). Enjoy!!! I hear that there are trails or a road that is assessable from the harbor that is good to ride bikes on.

    • Brad

      We still don’t have cell service, but now in Southwest Harbor we have wifi. Since we received this, we actually found two access points nearby Pretty Marsh Harbor. In the narrows to the north there’s a public dock with parking, in the actual harbor there’s a staircase that leads to an Acadia Picnic area. The bus doesn’t run to either one, but if you just want to stretch your legs, there’s a reason it’s called “the Quietside.”

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