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Posted by on September 28, 2012

Yesterday we crossed off one of our goals, completing the Jordan Cliffs Trail and the Precipice Trail to finish up all of the “ladder” trails in the park. While we can’t pick a favorite, we developed some awards to give out:

  • Most Beautiful “Ladder” Trail without an actual ladder – Homans Path (0.3 miles)
  • Most Likely to send you to the ER – Beehive Trail (0.6 miles)
  • Best Use of the Phrase “Don’t Look Down!” – Precipice Trail (0.9 miles)
  • Best Overlook to get your heart racing – Jordan Cliffs Trail (1.2 miles)
  • Most likely trail to be taken gain – Ladder Trail (0.4 miles)
While we were finishing up the ladder trails, we also reached the summit of two more mountains, Champlain, and Penobscot. We also passed by Huguenot Head, but the trail doesn’t extend to the precise summit. That takes our current summit total to 7, so today we have a LOT of work to get done if we want to have a chance at all 24.
List of Mountains:
     Cadillac Mountain – Elev. 1,530
     Sargent – Elev. 1,373
     Dorr – Elev. 1,270
     Pemetic – Elev. 1,248
     Penobscot – Elev. 1,194
     Bernard – Elev. 1,071
     Champlain – Elev. 1,058
     Gilmore – Elev. 1,036
     Bald – Elev. 974
     Mansell – Elev. 949
     Cedar Swamp – Elev. 942
     Parkman – Elev. 941
     North Bubble – Elev. 872
     Norumbega – Elev. 852
     Beech – Elev. 839
     South Bubble – Elev. 766
     Huguenot Head – Elev. 731
     The Triad – Elev. 696
     Acadia – Elev. 681
     St. Saveur – Elev. 679
     Day – Elev. 580
     Gorham – Elev. 525
     The Beehive – Elev. 520
     Flying – Elev. 284



2 Responses to Cliffhanger

  1. Candy

    Stay safe–we don’t want stairway to Heaven to take on a different meaning!

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