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Boston – Part 1

Posted by on September 11, 2012

On Saturday morning we left Provincetown in a brisk 20 knot breeze. Running on a broad reach with full sail we were having a great sail, then it started to get a little gusty…. Once the gusts reached about 30 knots we pulled in the main, and then when the gusts got more frequent we reefed the genoa. And then we reefed it again.  Major thunderstorms were approaching the coast, and we were getting the wind along the front edge. Finally we sighted the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, and we dropped the anchor in the lee of a high bluff before the storms arrived. We had the anchorage to ourselves, and it was a wonderful place to ride out the storms.

On Sunday we woke up and made the short trip into Boston. We picked up a mooring from Boston Sailing Club off the New England Aquarium, a great location right in downtown. We quickly got ready and headed into town to check out the SoWa Open Market which happens every Sunday. It’s a trendy art and farmer’s market and the city’s food trucks also attend. We browsed through the tents, admiring the art, and looking at all the various farm fresh items. For lunch we picked the “Dining Car” and their kale flatbread pizza with grilled summer squash and goat cheese, and we also tried their flash fried cauliflower with curry aioli.

After the market, we found ourselves in Chinatown, browsing the many bakeries, restaurants, and a huge Asian grocery. We spent a long time in the grocery, checking out the assortment of exotic vegetables and the large seafood selection. Eventually we gave up and decided we’d come back with a grocery list so we were more focused.

We arrived back at the boat to watch the sunset in the clouds over Boston while the many lights of the skyline turned on. We’ve got a lot more to do here in town, but Sunday we were able to explore one area to get started.

4 Responses to Boston – Part 1

  1. Jen Squires

    If you manage to make it up near Sanford, Maine, you should give Kobi a call…

    • Brad

      Cool, I wondered where she was, it’s a big state and I didn’t know where she ended up.

  2. brett

    loving all the pics. Sunset in boston is my new desktop background

    • Brad

      Let us know if you ever want to visit. Plenty of biking both here in Acadia and back in Boston. 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous up here, there will be TON of photos being posted shortly.

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