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Never before seen!

Posted by on August 10, 2012

The other day I emptied the 2GB card in our Canon D-10 in preparation for our trip north. What I discovered as I transferred the photos to the computer were a bunch of cool photos that never made it to the blog. Since our last couple of posts have been boring technical, I figured some photos for Friday would be fun.

Our last mahi as we sailed from Florida to North Carolina.

A familiar sight along the Intracoastal Waterway.

Nermal tried to stay cool by laying in the shade at my feet on our way up the ICW.

Then some dragonflies arrived and he went crazy attacking (and eating) them.

Luckily Nermal didn’t see this guy. We found this snake by our backstay one morning after we anchored on the ICW.

Our AIS shows the length of ships over 1,000 ft. long in nautical miles. This ship  showed up as 0.18 nm as he passed us outside of Norfolk.

Back in the Bay we caught a couple of rockfish. They were delicious.

Now that we have a new bimini, we have to try to break Nermal of his habit of hanging out on the bimini under the solar panels.

2 Responses to Never before seen!

  1. Tanya

    Great pictures!! I told you the idea of tin foil to deter N, right? They don’t like tin foil. Not sure how you can get it to stay there, tho.

    That was some storm last night. It’s gone now…get on up here!!!

    • Sabrina

      Well, he’s only interested in the bush just off the dock right now, so we haven’t had to worry about it yet. I DID replenish the foil stores, but we’ll have to give execution some thought! Honestly, looking at the current weather, I’m glad we waited, but we’re really looking forward to seeing you next week!!!

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