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When the going gets tough….

Posted by on July 1, 2012

I don’t know how Delmarva Power did it that fast, but yesterday I heard that they got the power back on at the marina! Check out the photos below to see the mess they were dealing with. We hope everyone without power gets it back soon, stay cool since it looks like this heat will continue through the Fourth.

Early Saturday morning strong thunderstorms ripped through our marina, generating winds in excess of 70 mph, approximately 3″ of rain, and knocking trees down throughout the area. These were the same storms that earlier on Friday ripped through most of the Midwest, West Virginia, and then Maryland. If I would have been following Facebook, I could have tracked the storms from my friends’ status updates! We hope that everyone affected by the storm stays safe in the heat.

While all the boats inside the marina seemed okay, the marina sustained some damage. Two trees that sit up on the bluff in the marina were uprooted and lying across the parking lot, luckily no one was parked there. (We’ve already replaced one sunroof due to a tree branch this year, I didn’t want to have to do it again!) The sailboat mooring field out front was astonishing, one boat had dragged to the other side of the marina entrance, two boats ended up on the marina jetty, and I could see two more hulls upside down in the water. Reportedly four boats in total had sunk. I hadn’t heard anything about the boats that were anchored out on the Bohemia for the Friday evening, but it had to be miserable for them. The wooden dinghy storage area had broken apart, and 7 or 8 dinghies had been flung into the water behind. Numerous sailboats had flogging headsails from the strong winds.  And the boats that were safe inside the harbor of the marina looked like someone had been spraying leaf debris from an industrial shredder.

We’ve told you that we love Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour because it’s quiet and is located along a quaint tree-lined country road. Unfortunately, those trees obliterated the power lines heading to the marina. When we drove out of the marina on Saturday morning, I realized that we may not have power for a week. Or maybe two.

The prospect of being without power shouldn’t have fazed us, after all, we’d just spent 6 months unplugged from the grid. But our marina is on well water, and no electric means no water. It also means no gas dock, no pump-out station, no showers, no restrooms, and no pool. Not to mention the obvious fact that there is no air conditioning during this heat wave. Now the marina that had protected us so well during the storm would also shelter us from any wisp of a breeze that might keep us cool until the power was restored.

In addition to the sweltering heat, Sabrina and I have a lengthy “To-Do” list that we’ve been saving until that time that we have dockside power and water. One look at the list and we realized we had no chance to shorten it until we had electric. Even the things that could have been done would have resulted in heat stroke if we were doing them in the bilge with no A/C. So we double-checked our list and realized that one item, “Visit Family,” could still be done.

We packed up the car and the cat and pointed it towards Sabrina’s parent’s house, arriving 24 hours after the storm finished its destruction. We’ll stay here through the Fourth and we brought a couple of projects that we could work on while we’re away from the boat. Hopefully by the time we return the electric will be restored and we can get back to work.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going… to their parent’s house… where there is A/C and running water.


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