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We’ve been Spot’d!

Posted by on July 11, 2012

Now that we’re back to our car and easy nearby shopping, we’re starting to take care of some things that have been neglected. Today I’m proud to announce we’ve taken care of one thing that’s been missing for over a month:

Back by popular demand – our Spot feed!

In early May, our Spot II GPS Satellite Messenger failed due to water intrusion. (It was my fault, the units are very solid, and can withstand a lot, but it wasn’t meant to withstand what I accidentally put it through…)

Since that time we’ve been amazed at the feedback that we received on our Spot feed from our blog followers.  We never realized how many people enjoyed seeing the satellite pictures of the places we’ve been and where we’re going, all in real time!

A few days ago we were able to make it to West Marine and purchase our replacement Spot. After that, the folks at Spot Customer Care transferred our account to the new unit, and awhile later we were up and running again. It took a little longer than I had hoped, but after a couple emails, followed by a couple phone calls, it was finally operational.

So if you haven’t checked it out in awhile, take a look at the Where are we? page at the top of the screen. And I promise I’ll keep the Spot safe in the future so this doesn’t happen again!

6 Responses to We’ve been Spot’d!

  1. Candy

    You better promise–the inability to be in touch was distressing! Too many worried moms!!!

    • Brad

      We understand, I got it fixed. Now you can track us without implanting microchips.

  2. Brandon

    Thats great news! I had really enjoyed following along and seeing where you were at and how it lined up with your posts. I finally was able to get caught up on your blog in the last couple of days, great stuff. Keep up the good work and I look forward to following along on your journey north for the summer!

    • Brad

      Cool! Thanks for following along. We’re working on some projects right now, but we’ll be heading north soon. We’re trying to get out of here before the next heat wave hits!

  3. Sean

    Last post was mid July. Can we get some narration of the preparation/repairs? Wanna wakeboard tomorrow night?

    • Brad

      Hmmm…. Yes. And maybe? Need to see what we’re up to tomorrow night.

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