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4 Responses to Running Behind

  1. Linda Sellick

    We left Marsh Harbour on the 29th May and arrived in Beaufort NC on the 2nd June (not a good trip but we arrived in 95 hrs) – We are now in Elizabeth City – the” Harbour of Hospitality” – really. Free drive to the Farm Fresh and much more. To-morrow, we will be transiting the Dismal Swamp and will arrive in Norfolk VA on Wednesday – almost back to Deltaville VA.
    Linda SV “Oneday”

    • Sabrina

      Glad to hear you made good time. We almost ended up in Elizabeth City this week. Maybe we will catch up with you further north!

  2. Linda

    Maybe you will catch up to us when we stop this crazy boat stuff for a while ib Deltaville VA. We will look out for you there. It is a nice place to stop for a while.

    Linda SV ONEDAY

    • Brad

      Linda, I think the spam filter grabbed this by accident. Unfortunately, we cruised right on past Deltaville, but it’s a destination we’d like to check out in the fall. When will you be coming back to the boat to start the trip back south?

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